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The Sun is Scorching in NZ: 1 Month Into Spring !!!

Record Arctic Ice Melt! August 2012

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Arctic Ice Melt: 2007 Compared to 2012!

The Point of No Return?
Staggering Images of the Minumum Ice Levels over the Past 30 Years Reveals an Obvious and Clear Conclusion....
The Rate of Ice Melt is Accelerating!!

We have Broken the record of Ice Melt that was Reached in 2007 already this Year...and We have more than 3 Weeks left in the Melting Season!

The 2007 Image shows the Minimum Ice Content over a 30 Year Time Frame..
and we have Passed that 2007 Melt Off Record Already!

The Implications are Obvious..Climate Change is happening and our Earth is changing and will never be the same, and has been in recent years... We just had the hottest summer on record and all of Greenland's surface ice is gone!

In my opinion we could be past the point of no return as we can not slow or stop the rate of melting, we never could to begin with. The powers that be knew this. They've been preparing for the changes to come.

The Dense Core of the Ice Sheet Itself is What is Melting, Not just the Annual Ice that Developes evey Winter...
Whats Occuring Now is Clear, but what will Change and When is Accurate Timeline of things to Come is Not Easily Assembled....

But the First Obstacle remains the Same, and that is Awareness! There is no denying what is anymore.....
The Information is everywhere, as are the Signs...
Keep in mind this is climate change (magnetic/pole shift), not global warming, not man-made. Antarctica just set a record high for ice while the arctic melted away. The global warming theory was brought about to obscure the truth about why or how our climate is changing.


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If you are watching this and listening to this broadcast you are " THE RESISTANCE " .

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