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Are we JOINING THE DOTS YET ?? The Hampstead Cover Up.

Drifloud Speaks Up Speaks Out!

Published on Jul 15, 2015
I agree with the points. I wonder if Belinda is well versed in NLP.

Update: Notification on Hampstead Fb Group. Friday August 7, 2015

As you know, we are here to help Ella get her children back, or the grandparents at the very least.

Abe and Ella don't want ANYTHING to do with the following which includes even debating and wasting time over these: Gerrish, Maloney, Belinda, Sabine,Tracey, CAS, and Savage.

Is it because they 'believe' those people are bad...? NO.  Neither do they 'believe' they are agents.

Ella and Abe KNOW those named above are agents. They wish it wasn't the case, because they need friends NOT enemies. But facts are facts, and what those people did behind Ella and Abe's back is what they did behind their backs.

So anyone trying to even argue and waste time over those issues can leave or will be removed.

Enough wasting time. We need to focus on reality, and work with those we trust. And anyone found out to be also another agent will also be dealt with.

As for the Grand Jury bill, take note:

ABE and ELLA do not want T to have anything to do with it. 


She has already stated that Ella should not not get her kids back, so she cannot be involved any further. We'll find others to make phone calls or turn up at the RCJ concerning this issue. But we must LISTEN, as Ella and Abe KNOW exactly whats going on.


Anon 1 said:  Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeill obviously have their own agenda. I wanted to say this before but was afraid to...... If Ella and Abraham go into the prison system...... they ain't coming out. This is too huge.......  Ella and Abraham, this is the toughest fight of your life. The kids, they will learn the truth of how you sacrificed and how you had to endure these attacks and deceit to protect them and other children. No one wants to be in your position, but only the bravest of us will stand their ground and fight. YOU ARE THE BRAVEST.

Anon 2 said:  This woman is making a lot of noise. She is making grand claims and anybody who isn't deeply involved in this case may accept the authority she has assumed. How can she say those awful things about Abe and Ella.  It isn't as though she is voicing something that is an issue.  She has created these poisonous concerns and people love gossip and many will accept what she says as the final word before too long. I had read about her but didn't click it was her. Has anybody known her any length of time?  Very Christine Anne Sands'ish.


Nemesis said:  Who wanted Kay Shut Up? December 2013

Kay was a strong Musa family supporter, right from the very beginning of the family’s troubles. On a date in January 2012 I was staying at B McKenzies house in North London and I was speaking on my mobile phone to Kay. We were discussing the merits of the assistant solicitor for Musas defence. This conversation took some 15 minutes or so.

I later found out that after my call to Kay, Sabine McNeil had called Kay directly after I had finished speaking with her, to berate her most strongly, shouting at her over the phone about her and myself criticising the assistant solicitor.

What had happened was that Mrs McKenzie had gone into another room from where she was overhearing my conversation with Kay. She had called McNeil whilst I was on my mobile to Kay, telling McNeil about our criticising the assistant solicitor.

Both myself and Kay had been critical of the defense team, and obviously McNeil and McKenzie would hear no wrong said about them - They would hear no wrong about a defense team who performed miserably throughout the trial omitting much vital evidence, calling only two witnesses for the Musa's defense compared to the prosecution's 44 witnesses, and a whole lot more.

Myself and others, believe this lame performance was premeditated and deliberate.

The Musas have now done 25 months in prison.

That certainly was no defence team - and McNeil's angry attack on Kay, and myself indirectly via that phone call defending this "legal team" I believe says a lot - that "No way should this defense team be criticised in any way, even though it would possibly lead to a change of defense representatives for the Musas."

That way, the new defense team would be retained simply to carry out the remaining end to a dismal performance "defending" those tortured parents, and they would go on to receive a lengthy sentence.

This is what happened, in actual fact.

- nemesis

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On or around the 16th of September 2014 Steve Martin received an email that had "found it's way to S.O.E.C.A. via D.P.S."

The sender explains that having read the contents of the email it appeared "IDENTICAL to a current investigation of yours 2419891/14 concerning allegations of sexual and ritual abuse at Christchurch Primary School." The email appears to be one in [sic] the same sent by the MOTHER TO THE INFORMANT and the contents appear on your CRIS."

BRIAN GERRISH of UK Column was the ONLY person to have received that email/file from the mother on the 11th of September 2014 .

But Brian couldn't be the informant...

He sent the email to Bill Maloney on 15-09-14 who sent it to Nathan 'NumNuts' Wedger who sent it to P.C. Paul Armstrong, who in turn sent it to Anna Bewley at D.P.S. H.Q. saying that he'd received a disturbing email which includes serious allegations of wrongdoing by MPS officers...

Then via two internal D.P.S. emails from Anne and PC Craig Langley the email "found it's way" to DC Victoria BARNES SC&O36 - SOECA LIT 29th Floor (East Block), Empress State Building, and thence back to Steve Martin, who had the original email from the original INFORMANT, which as Vicky noted was already in Steve's CRIS report .

Question: Name original informant, AND subsequent informants used to distract from original informant.

For a bonus prize explain why Brian never said a word about the case till the MSM's attempted hatchet job on the Whistleblowers Ella and Abe, and WHY BILL MALONEY HAS SAID F-CK ALL.

- nemesis )+( nerd


  1. Nice work Bronny, i'm in NZ also (Golden Bay).

    1. Hi Grayham, Good to meet you. Aotearoa - First to see "the light" ; )
      What a GREAT word: "tachyons" !! Ah... so there's something below Planck
      Not surprised. It IS the quantum field, after all
      It looks like you've been doing a LOT of origami !!
      How can I get Starchitecture into the hands of my 4-year-old grandson?

    I am so confused now, especially about Bill Maloney (although at times I feel he seems a bit insincere, why did he not smash the devil statue in Jersey? Was he afraid?) Anyway I attach another damming article Re Dame Justice Pauffley in case you haven't seen it. I hope all goes well with complaint of police handling, reinvestigating and UK Office Childrens Commissioner, I hope the kids are ok. I hope you and your parents are ok.

    1. Hi Kim, I don't understand your Comment at all on my blog...


      I am so confused now, especially about Bill Maloney (although at times I feel he seems a bit insincere, why did he not smash the devil statue in Jersey? Was he afraid?) Anyway I attach another damming article Re Dame Justice Pauffley in case you haven't seen it. I hope all goes well with complaint of police handling, reinvestigating and UK Office Childrens Commissioner, I hope the kids are ok. I hope you and your parents are ok."

      Why are you confused? Of course Bill Maloney is 'a bit insincere'. We all are at times as we are all human. Maloney can be a prick just like anyone else. Why are you putting your 'faith' in other people, for pity's sake...??? The devil statue in Jersey was (1) on private property (council property) and (2) why destroy evidence? I don't care what Justice Paffley says - she took her holidays in Israel in 2015. That speaks very loudly! Why go to Israel?? What's her Jewish connections... Plenty i'd say. Pauffley is likely just another Jew who's running the UK (along with Kate Middleton and her offspring who are Jewish), who works at the RCJ rounding up the goyim and getting them all to pay fines for ridiculous things. The RCJ in London had blood splashed all around it in April 2015 during the Passover, just before Easter. I have three eye-witness testimonies to that fact, and yet this never gets mentioned anywhere by anyone. What do you think people afraid of ??

      "Hope" is a trick of the Black Babylonian Magicians... Continue beLIEving in 'hope' if you must... You're welcome to keep living in the land of illusion... Nobody can stop you if this is what you really want Kim!

      Ref: "I hope all goes well with complaint of police handling, reinvestigating and UK Office Childrens Commissioner..." Seriously?? How do YOU think it will go, particularly in the light of what i've said above about the sacrificial blood being splashed all over the grounds and buildings of the RCJ in April 2015 at Passover ??

      Ref: "I hope the kids are ok..." Enough with the 'hope' already!! You're REALLY locked into the illusion, aren't you.? No... the kids are NOT OK. They are being fucked, sodomised, drugged and hurt by all the paedophile creeps who are known to hang around in the south English provinces where the RCJ (via their agent CAFCASS) has assigned the children to, to be abused by adults ongoing... What did you expect?? All daffodils and roses?? Wakey, wakey !!

      Who do you think you're talking to Kim? I'm fine... I live very far away in New Zealand, and both my parents are deceased. It's no skin off my nose... they were both child abusers who physically attacked their children and my father sexually pursued his daughters - my two older siblings.

      Are you alright? You seem to lack the mental faculties of a fully functioning adult. Good luck with getting your cognition back. STOP DRINKING FLUORIDE !!!!


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