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Welcome to my blog.

For the last 12 months I have been running a social interactive site (like Facebook) based on a series of books called "The Ringing Cedars of Russia". The scope of these books is very wide but in essence, they give the blueprint in entirety of how humanity can move forwards together on this planet using harmonious and sustainable methods in every area of life.

The woman featured in the books is named "Anastasia" who is a Siberian healer and mystic... and much, much more. The writer of the books is Vladimir Megre. He is the mouthpiece for Anastasia and brings the message of Anastasia's teachings to us. So far, nine of Megre's books have been translated from the original Russian language into English. A tenth book is in the pipeline. This is an excellent series of books, and I highly recommend that you search out copies in your local library or through your local distributor of the books. The centrepiece of the series is the Book 4 entitled "Co-creation", hence the title of this blog. 

It is only as we all join in unity of mind and action 
that the tides will turn on this planet. 

Do you know the 100 Monkeys ??  Story

ॐ The Hundredth Monkey ॐ    Video

James Redfield in The Celestine Prophecy calls this 

"critical mass". 

This is when enough people start thinking the same thoughts, 

and together bring about change. 

For example: If a lot of people are saying, 'the government will do what they want... there's no point in fighting anything', then this will be true. If a lot of people stand up and say, 'they will not get away with it', then this also will be true. Quantum physics recognises this concept. See the movie What the bleep do we know? 

"Thought goes before matter." This idea is talked about at length in the Cedars books. There is great power in envisioning or "imaging" as Anastasia calls it, and particularly, mass-imaging of new change. 

This is the idea I seek to promote in this blog... that we ARE in the driver's seat, purely by changing our thoughts for the future that we want to Co-create together. 

Critical mass  Video

Humanity's awakening. Critical mass is just the first step...

Thank you to everyone who has chosen to take this journey with me.

Thank you

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