Tuesday 15 May 2012

Source Field Investigations: David Wilcock

David Wilcock: The Source Field Investigations -- Full Video!

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Did human extraterrestrials visit Earth -- and predict a Golden Age will culminate in the year 2012, freeing us from evil, fear and doom?

Did the founding fathers of America inherit this prophecy -- and encode it directly into the Great Seal of the United States? Why is there a pyramid with an eye inside a glowing triangle? Is Novus Ordo Seclorum quoted from an ancient prophecy text -- the greatest and most secret treasure of the Roman Empire -- predicting that humans on Earth will transmute into "light beings" and achieve Apotheosis -- where Man becomes God -- and the 'Gods' themselves return?

David Wilcock reveals the stunning scientific proof that DNA and biological life emerge directly out of the Source Field... a universal matrix of energy creating all space, time, matter, energy, biological life and consciousness -- and we are indeed about to experience the Greatest Moment of All Time. Learn about the pineal gland, Illuminati, government conspiracy, UFOs, DMT, the Mayan Calendar and more!

Hello Caroline...  Well, it's been a very long "week" (ref. Aug 8 2011 post below) but at last, after 2 or 3 attempts to watch this video right through, I got there today  : )   I seemed to be at the 'right time, in the right sequence in the right way'  : )   (Louise Hay)   Really good.  Really good and amazing !!  I can't believe that it took me 8 months to get to this material after your original posting of it.  But like I say, the 'puzzle pieces' fit together really well now...  better possibly than they might have back last August  : )   You are a patient teacher of the heart  : )
I want to refer you (everybody) to 23:56 on the video  "The Pineal Gland".  David's discussion on the Pineal Gland in fact continues for an extended length of time, in fact until 1:07:30 when he starts to traverse into a summary that joins his thoughts up to this point.
So as David speaks and shows slides for 44 minutes of the Pineal Gland and the various representations all over the world of the Gland in both art and mostly relating to various religions, i'm hearing...  "the pine cone...  the pine cone... the pine cone...  "  as being the representation (supposedly of the Pineal Gland)  ... of opening up and gaining the ability to communicate and see directly into this Divine Field, this "Source Field", the Field of "Unity Consciousness" where indwells "The Creator" of the Ringing Cedars Series.
Pine cone...  pine cone...  pine cone...  
OMG !!!

Do I have it yet ????
Did you just get it ????
:-o    OMG !!!  
What Anastasia said was RIGHT !!!  The Truth is hiding out in the open !!!!   ... and we 'kind of' got it, and 'kind of' listened to it as we read...  about the squirrels and the big trees and the making of oil and it all just got woven into the fabric of the narrative along with the amazingness of the School at Tekos and the remote viewing of the base on the dark side of the moon...   *really awake now*   
OMG !!  
The Truth was hiding out in the open all the time...  and now David Wilcock is explaining the importance to us.  I keep saying it... thinking it...  OMG !!  
She told us !!!  And most of us won't be doing it...  how could we be ??  Most of us don't have 'productive' pinus sibiricus growing on our back lawn...  OMG !!!!!!!
THIS IS IT !!!  The Pine Cone is the ACTUAL way 'IN'.  What's Anastasia's staple in her diet ???  OMG.  So these "pine cone" images for 44 minutes are not just representations of the Pineal Gland... They're ACTUALLY FREAKING "PINE CONES" !!!!   Aaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhhh  !!!!  AMAZING !!!!!   Lol !!!!

The Pine Cones ARE Pine Cones !!!  The Ringing Cedars of Siberia !!!!  Aaaaarrrrggggghhhh !!  So OBVIOUS !!!!

Comment by Bronwyn on April 13, 2012 at 16:05
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I'm still gobsmacked !!  Yes...  The answer was right in front of us all along  : )This is it !!!
Where on earth is the NZ distributor for these ???  ... and i'm looking now to buy pinus sibirica seed into NZ !!

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