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Benjamin Fulford: Updates to April 2012

Benjamin Fulford - Issues Final Warning to NWO

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Benjamin Fulford, August 30, 2011

For the past week, a secret meeting of 57 finance ministers aimed at setting up a new international financial system took place in a large ship on international waters near Europe, according to White Dragon Society representatives who were there. The meeting, hosted by Switzerland, deliberately excluded representatives from the US Federal Reserve Board and its Washington D.C. subsidiary, France, Italy, the UK, Germany and Japan. Countries like Russia, China and the Netherlands were among the 57 represented. Representatives from the Pentagon and the US agencies at the meeting promised to bypass the Federal Reserve board and use their access to codes for the international collateral accounts to finance the US military industrial complex in conjunction with the new system.

The Swiss used their financial intelligence to refuse would-be participants who were in any way associated with either the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations or the Trilateral Commission. Among those refused entry were Naoto Kan (still Prime Minister of Japan as of last week), IMF head Christine Lagarde and US Senator J. Rockefeller. Rockefeller was actually physically prevented from boarding the ship, according to two eye-witnesses.

There was an attempt by members of the old world order fascist cabal to eavesdrop on the meeting with helicopters. The helicopters were also preparing to attack the ship with pulse weapons before they were warned off by pentagon white hats and forced to leave the vicinity, CIA sources say.

A foundation will be set up as a vehicle to finance the military industrial complex to ensure payrolls continue to be met at the agencies and the pentagon during the transition to a constitutional government in the United States, the sources said. The foundation will, as a temporary security measure for security reasons, exclude all members of the Khazarian, Sabbatean sect, including as well, any US/Israeli dual citizens.

US and European elements of the White Dragon Society will be preparing legal cases to ensure the arrest of all leading conspirators in a plan to murder over 85% of the world's population. Videos of 5 separate underground cities, complete with agricultural complexes, were shown to meeting participants as evidence of the genocide planned for 2012.

In a related development, multiple sources claim two of the underground cities, one near Washington D.C. and another near Denver, Colorado, were destroyed by nuclear weapons last week. Some sources, also connected to intelligence circles, however, deny that such an attack took place.

Nevertheless, if the seismographic graph of the so-called earthquake that hit Washington D.C. last week is not a fake, then it appears that indeed a nuclear weapon was detonated at or near a known underground facility. Instead of showing a series of small quakes building up into a huge one as seen in natural quakes, the graph shows a sudden huge shake followed by smaller after-shocks typical of an explosion.

The message to the cabalists seems to be simple: "you will not be given access to your underground shelters while the rest of us die."

It is also interesting to note that several South American government representatives at the 57 country meeting on the ship promised to start confiscating land bought by the genocidal faction in countries like Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina. This will mean, for example, the Bush ranch in Paraguay will be seized soon.

In Japan, meanwhile, a new Prime Minister has been selected who appears to be outside of the control of the Zionist cabal. Yoshihiko Noda, is a graduate of the Matsushita academy, who represents a moderate, nationalist and pro-business element of the Japanese establishment. More importantly, Rockefeller tainted candidates linked to ex-power broker Ozawa, such as Banri Kaeida and Zionist pet Seiji Maehara, were both excluded.

Benjamin Fulford February 20, 2012 - A March 31 Deadline By The Gnostic "Illuminati" Faction

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Ben Fulford (Feb 20 2012) ~ A March 31st Deadline Has Been Delivered To The Committee Of 300 By The Gnostic "Illuminati" Faction....
Much of this report, I did not understand... Why is the Pentagon involved? Who speaks for the Pentagon? Will the puppet President be arrested? If so, when? When will we see Geitner and Bernanke go down, in flames? What about the notorious George Bush, Jr and Sr? When are we going to have the pleasure of watching them handcuffed and put where they belong? We read this news and get excited, but all signs of this being reality are hidden from us, by the state-controlled media sources. We are sick of being slaves! We are sick of the controls and we are tired of legislation which further restricts our movements, while granting more unconstitutional authority to the nefarious government! Anyone who delves into the facts finds one conspiracy, after another and trillions and trillions stolen by those who have the power and the control over everything from the CIA to the United Nations. We keep asking, 'When is this going to come to an end? Finally!

The Benjamin Fulford Report April 3, 2012

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This one is humorous! The CIA in Europe requests names and phone numbers for all the Illuminati gangs! Ha! Ha! Like we pay the CIA $10 billion a year to collect information and they blow it all on assassinations of democratic leaders and there's nothing left to track the most notorious hoodlums the world has ever had in any mafia! Give me a break! Do you expect us to believe this? Anyway, I tried to read this one with a straight face and put it off a long time, before deciding to do it anyway.

Benjamin Fulford - 4/11/2012 No more talking

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It is time to take Action! they will not go quietly into the night.
Regular People don't have to do anything
The message is for those who know.
The G5 countries, mostly USA

The Benjamin Fulford Report for April 8, 2012 ...Dick Cheney Admits to Inside Job on 9/11

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This time, the Benjamin Fulford report is funny, but I wonder if the elite take kidneys, hearts and livers from the common people?

Benjamin Fulford Report for April 17, 2012

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Benjamin Fulford says that the debt system is almost finished and writes of meetings taking place and a coup d'etat in China, the Committee of 300 trying to cash $600 trillion in bonds and all of this, without a shred of proof of anything! Amazing! Yet, his fans love him!
They are like attack dogs, if you ask BF any questions
They don't want you to question their leader about anything, just accept his word, because he's the Messiah
Well, I operate differently; I like to see some evidence or some substantiation when the adversary is at the door and it's a matter of life and death now, to recall what Donald Rumsfeld said to announce to all his co-conspirators that the 9/11 inside job, false flag terrorist attack was on!

Benjamin Fulford April-23-2012 Major confrontations in South China Sea

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Reports from Philippino tribes-people and the White Dragon Society members indicate a major military stand-off is taking place in the South China Sea and the Philippines over control of historical gold deposits in the region.

4/24 National Emergency Committee

国家非常事態対策委員会 4/24

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"Obama assassination plot on the back of the report prostitution Columbia" bombshell Benjamin

Here is the Mopal Emergency Committee from the 24 April 2012 translated and transcribed.  This is an independently produced translation and may contain some minor inaccuracies.  However, concerted effort has been made to convey the original spirit of the words into English.  Any feedback and comments are welcome as usual.

KT: In todays programme we will discuss the socio-political affairs affecting Japan bringing you the latest behind-the-scenes information. With me today as usual are two representatives of the world Peace committee, Mr Choudoin Daikaku and Benjamin Fulford.
BF: The latest interesting piece of information I have which hasn’t been covered in the news concerns the firing of members of Obamas’ secret service.
American newspaper articles reported that several rogue personnel were fired because of a sex scandal in Colombia but the real reason was because they were hired by the Israeli PM Netanyahu to assassinate Obama.
Of course, this wont get reported in the Jewish mafia-owned media but I have had it confirmed by several of my most reliable sources.
From this we can read that America is approaching a state of civil war.
Obama is becoming increasingly isolated, even within his own country.
America is also becoming more and more ostracized.
For example,there was a conference between North and South America and South American countries were asking for the legalization of marijuana and cocaine.
They are sick of breaking the law, laundering dirty money through mafia organisations. But then the people behind Obama go, shit! We can sell at a higher price if it stays illegal so no way! We don’t want to lose our cash cow.
Also the IMF, the so called “lender of last resort”, have been going round with their begging bowl asking for money again. And countries like Brazil are starting to say, hang on a moment, our economy is bigger than England’s, so why dont you reform the IMF system and give us the same voting rights as the UK and then we’ll give you the money.
Of course this is rejected. They’ll gladly take the money but they don’t want to give any real control to them and this is the position the US leaders always take.
So these talks are breaking down but unfortunately the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) agreed to hand over $60 billion out of the funds originally designated for earthquake disaster relief to the foreign mafia.
Just an unforgiveable act by a bunch of worthless traitors and cowards! Giving such money to a bunch of gangsters, that money is gonna disappear in no time at all. What the fuck are you thinking giving $60 billion to these war criminals to produce more of their biological weapons?
But this only just goes to prove, without any doubt, that the DPJ are not the Japanese government but just minions and slaves of the foreign cabal. It’s a sad state of affairs, an absolutely pitiful situation. But its not going to continue.
KT: Do you have anything to add to what Benjamin just said?
CD: When the IMF came and requested these funds the first thing Japan should have asked is where is this money gonna go? Is it going to Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland? Where is it going? Where is the collateral for this money that Japan is lending, money taken from its hardworking people suffering themselves from a huge burden of debt? For Noda (Japanese PM) to hand-out $60 billion as Japan sinks further and further into the red, this is a criminal act of the worst kind. Minister Azumi, you should be sentenced to death for this. Send them to the gallows!
BF: They’ll be rounded up and they will get their just deserts along with all the other traitors, thats to be expected. But to make it clear, the Jewish mafia controlling the US, Sabbatean faction I should say not Jewish, are desperately trying to cling on to their power by all means necessary but the people of the world have had enough.
For example the IMF come out in public saying they’ve created so and so much funds, but then Spain still goes into meltdown. No matter how many times they announce trillion, 5 trillion, 500 billion bailouts,no one has faith in them anymore.
What is behind all this money? What is the collateral for these funds? Nothing, just lies.
It’s like me printing my own “Benjamin dollars” and spreading them around to people as legal tender. But then if I go into a convenience store and try and buy something do you think It’ll be accepted? Of course not! Its worthless.
And thats all they’ve been doing, putting figures into a machine and creating dollars and euros out of thin air. People believed them before but not anymore.
They’ve lied, broken promises, received goods without paying for them. But they are going down I promise you 100%. Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Rothschild, Bush, Rockefelller, no matter how hard you try your time has come.
Mathematically speaking, there is no way out of the hole you have dug yourselves.
And all your minions in the Japanese government will suddenly have noone to take orders from and they’ll be like, oh my god! What do we do now?? Because they’re just a bunch of headless chickens and spineless slaves.
KT: A member of our audience wants to ask Benjamin what bonds are safe to invest in.
BF: Well you should buy some gold and things of real value and bury them in your garden! (laughs) Dont just get a certificate of receipt either saying that its being kept for you in a safe, you cant trust them, you must get your hands on it yourself.
Property and land are good but dont invest in things that aren’t concrete. We are moving to an economy based and supported on real assets and this is what will bring the derivative based mafia down.
KT: Sousai, do you have anything to add?
CD: Well for Japan the question has to be asked, can we survive? Or are we destined to remain nothing more than a Vassal state? In order not to be just a colony we need to be able to raise and aquire funds and provide intelligence to other countries. But we have a policy of pissing our money down the drain, giving it away!
Its because there are around 5000 foreign spies here in Japan, in the cabinet, in the treasury. We need to be conscious of who they are and throw these traitors out of Japan. We are a haven for spies.
11:15- 12:15
( I have omitted transcribing this section because I cannot translate what Choudouin says here accurately, please let me know in the comments below if you can)

BF: I’d like to add that a boat inspection by the Chinese government carried out recently confirmed that the tsunami of the 3.11 disaster was caused by a nuclear bomb on the ocean surface. They have proof of this.
Members of the Japanese government were bribed and colluded in a terrorist act that led to the death of 20,000 Japanese people. These people are still operating in the Nagata district now. Are you ok with that? Have a think about that for a minute.
These politicians and finance ministers are happy to take bribes to willingly kill their own people and live it up with the money. And people still bow down to them like they are these great noble leaders. They’re just a bunch of gangsters.
BF: I’d like to see an audit of the Nagatacho politicians swiss bank accounts. Yes you bastards, how much money do you have stashed away in the Vatican bank? Who do you answer to, the Japanese people or members of the 300 committee?
Well, it’s an unfortunate fact of reality that they are slaves to the 300 committee and that’s why Japan is where it is now.
And America is also getting continually screwed over by these criminals. So the whole world is coming together and asking them to back down for the sake of the planet.
KT: Well as the recession continues and there is almost no liquidation in the private sector, the government should generally step in and offer some kind of incentive to the economy.
CD: The financial system regulates the price of land. If they raise the price of land a little, the value of the collateral increases and this generated surplus value circulates around the economy.
The cash flow in the private sector has stagnated because the price of land has decreased.
KT: Is there any reason why this should be?
CD: It’s because of pressure from foreign countries (to keep the land price low) and these traitors in the Japanese government do whatever they are told. Spies I tell you!
BF: This is the result of a calculated plan to implode the Japanese economy.
What’s more, before Japan was taken over by the Wall street mafia it was experiencing rapid economic growth. The standard of living was high for everyone.
Countries like Singapore, China and Korea have copied that original model and are also having fast economic growth rate. Well, China is a bit of an exception but nonetheless there is growth.
The reason Japan isn’t doing well is because the money is being stolen by Wall street mafia. We need to go back to the old system.
If we don’t have a long-term economic plan with a vision to the needs and potential of the population we’ll never get anywhere.
The current government is just concerned with papering over the cracks with gum tape. This is useless. We need a revolution. That’s all I have to say.
KT: Okay thank you, I think we can really feel the need for a revolution too.
Thanks for tuning-in everybody. The next programme will be on Tuesday May 08. See you then.

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