Friday 25 May 2012

The road to Belgium is paved with Gold !!


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When the hell do we the so called common people wake the hell up?
Unlimited money supply is not enough for these people...

the esm is like the fed, its a private bank that has private stock holders, and these lend money to european banks, the ecb is another one, now they are going to devalue peoples money and with austerity on top take peoples rights, even changing some countrys constituitions, what we are seeing is the takeover of banks and corps over countrys owning everything, water,energy, resources, education, the gov own nothing nor have abnny power, they are basicly corrupt and live for the banks

  • Then why all the secrecy and immunity? A rational institution doesn't need irrational protections.
  • Because 99.9% o the people on this Planet don't understand MMTR and they would freak! Look at the dumb asses in the US. They want the Greek Austerity in the US. Despite the fact it would collapse the US economy and Royally SCREW THEMSELVES! These morons root for their own demise.. If they knew the FED printed 29 trillion in 2008. They would have shot themselves!

1) Update your info: Belgium has had a FEDERAL government for over a year now.
2) Belgium doesn't "rule" the EU. The European Council (aka European state leaders), the European Council of Ministers (aka individual state Ministers), European parliament (who's members you can elect) and the European Commission (which merely implements legislation) do.
Get your facts straight If you're angry: complain to your (Prime)Minister/President: they hold the most power in the EU.

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