Sunday 13 May 2012

Stop 1080 poison drops in New Zealand

1080 Poison
1080 poison (said 'ten-eighty') is made by Tull Chemicals, Oxford, Alabama, USA .  NZ buys over 80% of their production.  It is deadly, a hormone disrupter and does not break down in the food chain.  Ban it NOW !!

The movie "Poisoning Paradise" brought me to tears when I saw it in October of 2009.  It's so corrupt what the NZ Government is doing to The Land and to The People.  It's same old, same old.  If people get sick, that keeps a whole lot of people in the medical sector employed.  If the Government keeps the programme of throwing this horrible (excuse me) crap !!!!   all over our pristine forests killing EVERYTHING that eats the poison carrots and poison pellet baits...  including our native species, yes...  right down to the yabbies in the fresh water streams, the bird life, the weta, the deer and free-roaming pigs and goats...  horribly and painfully...  That keeps someone employed and balances the Government books again come election time !!  For heavens sakes !!  And people are so duped into believing that 1080 is 'good' and that it's the only way to stop the 'possum and rat populations.  Come on !!  There's other ways of dealing with this problem besides knowingly poisoning the whole nation.

It takes from hours to days for the animals to perish from an unbelievably agonising death, depending on the size of the animal (or human) and the dose.  The poison repeatedly puts the animal into convulsion as it attacks the nervous system leaving the poor thing foaming and convulsing, losing brain, kidney, liver, muscle, skeletal function for over 3-4 days as in the case of a large animal like a deer.  Just convulsing.  Only that.  So inhumane!  So unnecessary!!  If the animal did not receive a lethal dose, deterioration may present a little like Alzheimer's Disease and occur over some weeks or even months...  which is exactly what we humans are experiencing right now...  called by every other name but 'slow and systematic poisoning'.  I don't drink New Zealand water anymore... if it's been sourced from a river, lake or stream.  I only drink rain water.  I think this is far safer.  This is how strongly I feel about this issue.  It's the only sensible thing to do really.  How ironic.   "God Zone".   "Clean and Green".   Yeah ~  right  :-/ 

1080 is a hormone disrupter.  
It does not break down in the food chain.  
It is all over our country.  

Shame !!  Shame !!  Shame !!  on you New Zealand Government for ever letting 1080 onto our soil and into our waterways !!

And now the academics are 'baffled' as to why fertility rates have dropped so low in New Zealand over the last 2 decades.  Well, it's because 1080 without a shadow of a doubt  is  IN OUR WATER SUPPLY !!  Pellets and baits roll down the hills of our forests, get carried down in our 'fresh-water' streams...  get swept out to our rivers and our fisheries...  and end up in our food chain and water supplies.  It doesn't take a PhD in Resource Management to work that one out fairly simply.  

Does it dissolve?  Officially, "Yes".  In practice?  Hunters have seen the same baits sitting in waterways 6 months after a drop...  crumbling a bit maybe, but still bright green with the poison-dye and in tact...  and with the stench of rotting little carcasses nearby...  poor little Beings who have drunk this water, to their fate.  This whole practice is nothing short of insidious.

A big 'shout out' here to the Graf boys who have made these movies and gone on speaking engagements around the country, telling people to wise-up from the complacency around 1080.  They're just a couple of average Kiwi guys...  no-one you'd pick out in a crowd as particularly 'different'  ... but what a spectacular job you guys do.  I thank you so much for carrying this story out of the bush and into our urban streets so that we too can know what's been going on...  and into the Deer Stalkers Associations, Hunters and Gun Clubs, empowering whole groups of people that we CAN do something about stopping this practice.  Thank you so much for educating me and thousands of others, of moving my heart so much that I will now rally with those here on this site who want to join me for yet another push against the IGNORANCE of these policy-makers.

... And to think that this whole 1080 Programme is implemented and endorsed by the New Zealand Department of Conservation 

Shame !!  Shame !!  Shame !!

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