Monday 14 May 2012


The story of Space of Love Magazine may seem as amazing as increadible.
In the beginning of 2008 I returned back to Russia from New Zealand, and in April 2008 I visited dolmens and Shetinin's school in Gelendzhik region. I spent 5 unforgettable days near dolmens and there, at dolmens I got an idea to start a magazine with the purpose to spread information about Space of Love and to inspire people from all over the world to co-create their Spaces of Loves. A bit earlier, a year ago, in 2007, when I still was in New Zealand I got to know Dr.Regina B.jensen from US, whom I organized a private tour to dolmens and Shetinin's school. So I suggested her to work together and she agreed! In September 2008, together with our wonderful editor Dr. Regina B.Jensen we published our first SOL issue. For now, by July 2011, we have 10 published issues (hard copies and online).
Please feel free to read some of the articles here: 

A Space of Love - what is it?

A Blessed Journey to the Past ... or to the Future? Are there places where people still live in Paradise?

Can Dolmen-Stones offer Re-Connection to Universal mind? A new opportunity to ancient spiritual guidance.

The Birth of a Little Sun within you. Find out about Vita's psychic readings for babies in the womb and mothers with difficulties releasing their problems, and how she discovered her own "inner sun" through her unborn daughter's guidance.

Reality ReALized. What really is Reality? Can we change or create it at all?

Permaculture Farming - a Natural Revolution. by Sepp Holzer - Owner: Permaculture Krameterhof, Austria 
Open Letter to Members of the Political, Economic and Scientific Communities

Just like a Fairy... A beautiful modern-days fairy-tale!

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