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FREE FLOW ENERGY EXCHANGE: Alternatives to "money exchange"

Posted by Leah on October 18, 2011

I'd like to add my contribution to how I feel 'things may Pan out' for
Co-creating in the new energy.

What i've learnt from my life experiences, is that we can't 'evolve anything until we include 'action'.  Action is the last part of the evolutionary process - and it is this action that brings up our memories of 'pain' at other times that we have been here in Earth School.  So to add an example of 'action' - this is how I see it and I will illustrate this by using myself as a 'guinea pig'.

I feel the first thing that 'may' happen (for me) is that I will be drawn to 'fellow co-creators'.  I don't own my house - I rent it and pay $xxx per week.   My Landlords, although spiritually aware, I don't perceive will lower their rent to assist me.  I will then be drawn to 'fellow co-creators' who will rent me a furnished house for a much lower rental rate - so I will need to 'earn less income'.  I, as an energy therapist/healer would be very open to exchange my gifts/wisdom with others - maybe for veggies, fruit etc which will support my physical needs.   (Maybe I can find some friendly squirrels like Anastasia has to feed me or a 'George Clooney look alike' to peel my grapes and feed me chocolate - he-he !!!

It therefore follows that my 'values' of what 'tue prosperity is will evolve from 'valuing the present monetary system' to the 'value of fellow co-creators, loving and supportive relationships' (firstly with Self) and then with energies outside myself.  Any evolvement must begin with 'Self" first then what I unconditionally love and honour about Self, I will naturally share with others.

When I lived in Australia 3 years ago, I was interested in 'community living' and still feel this is the way to go - although the co-creators of this living experience need to be evolved.  (In my opinion, that is why 'communes' of the past didn't survive - the occupants weren't spiritually evolved enough).   In that 'communal way' everyone shares a garden etc. but everyone's 'niche gift' is shared with others with no monetary exchange taking place.  This is an example of how the Lemurians lived - each unique individual loving and sharing their gifts with others for the good of the 'whole'.
~ Leah

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Hi Leah ~  
I can't give you the 'answers'. I'm neither Anastasia nor a Goddess  :D  I think humanity has become accustomed to looking to 'another' for an answer...  It's ingrained, right from when we are little children, to look to 'another' instead of being left to think...  and in the thinking and non-rushing to find the solution, the perfect answer arises in relation to whatever needs to be attended to.  The answer might come in a 'flash' or it might gently 'seep through'.  We will all find our answer to this question... based upon the deepest desire of our hearts, whatever that might be. I believe that Cosmic Consciousness then 'collects' all of this thought from all of the people as well as the desire behind the thought which is the motivating Element...  and then Form becomes Manifest simply from everybody thinking about it.  I don't think much discussion even would be required, initially at least...  just deep and gentle thinking, and true acknowledgement of how the "I" stands in the middle of the question...  in this case:

"What kind of trading and 'money system' would work for Me ??
... I think this is where it begins  : )   ... any further suggestions will be well-taken  : )

We each carry 'answers'.  It's a great time to search within and figure out what's going on, on a personal level first...  and then see if there's some application of the personal 'solution' on a broader level also.  I think a key phrase for me in this letter is:   "... we need to free ourselves from the old money system and the ingrained beliefs personally held and what our personal 'relationship' to money is."

These are really good questions for me to ponder:
1)  What kind of trading and 'money system' would work for Me ??
2)  What is my current relationship to money ??
3)  What would it 'look like' for me to have a much healthier relationship with my means of trading goods and services ??

I can already feel my eyeballs start to twirl around with these three questions Leah  :-/    I think these are a good entry-point for me where I can start thinking about these things a little deeper.  Other people might find different questions more useful...  but feel free to use these ones if they feel right for you  : )

Love to all who see this post and begin this process of Co-creation with Leah and I as we come to terms with a few 'starter' questions.  Whether you're a Member of this site or not... please join your Co-creative Energy with ours to gently 'resolve' or 'bring through' solutions that are equitable for every person with whom we share our beautiful blue-green planet  : )  Love to all...


 Artist - developed world             Artisans - developing world                        The problem:  "Mine !! "            

This might be helpful in giving an understanding of how past and current financial systems are set up... may I say, I can see that our current financial system is set up in such a way that it is entirely open to exploitation by the Priests of the Money System.

The Secret of Oz - Winner, Best Docu of 2010 v.1.09.11

Uploaded by  on Feb 2, 2011
www.STILL2012.com. This version finally cuts several bogus quotes which have festered in the monetary reform literature for decades. 

The world economy is doomed to spiral downwards until we do 2 things: 

1)  outlaw government borrowing 
2) outlaw fractional reserve lending. 

Banks should only be allowed to lend out money they actually have and nations do not have to run up a "National Debt". Remember: It's not what backs the money, it's who controls its quantity - Rothschild


Join with me to Co-create our future Monetary Solution for the Planet...  and assist to bring forward the biggest paradigm shift around Money that this planet is ever likely to see...  
Blessings All ~

"Mosswood neighbors swap their backyard surplus at weekly produce get-togethers."  oaklandnorth.net

Reply by Bronwyn on October 19 2011

I "see" hands... hands over back fences...  someone with a bunch of parsley swapping for a couple of beetroot...  hands shaking other hands in friendship...  I could 'perceive' smiles and 'hear' laughter. Many, many hands over many, many fences...  
 And then I saw my road, my street ~  which is like any other small road I guess, in any small suburb in any small city in the world  ~  Hamilton has around 140,000 people living in it. We're luck here because it's a cul-de-sac so potentially this provides quite a natural "village" sanctuary.  Then I saw "myself"(gulp!!) walking down my street and into a couple of the side streets doing a letterbox drop. The A5 flier said ~
"LETS  get together and Create a Community of Goodwill and Sharing...  RIGHT HERE in Our Own Neighbourhood...  "    plus other info.  contact.  etc.   

I'll let you know when I get more of the detail of what to write on the Poster...  I'm very, very, happy to have all of your input at this point if you have any ideas about what i'm going to write on my Poster  : )

Then lists...  lists and lists of information being collated...  who can do what... who's got what to offer... Small lists at first, and only a smaller percentage of people deciding to be involved...  but others phoning in over a couple of months...  also wanting to be added to the lists, the lists, the Street Directory  :D

Then I "saw" it...  Hands, Hands, Happy hands across back fences, tradesmen bringing out their ladders to old granny's houses to clear their guttering...  swapped for a bunch of carrots a bag of oranges for his growing children and a couple of jars of relish pickles...  I saw myself (gulp again !!)  offering music lessons to people/ children in the street and being handed a couple of avocados and some fresh-caught fish fillets and the offer to mow my lawn...

Then I 'saw' paper... paper "Exchange Notes" for our street...  that's all it is...  just our street  : )   Printed in agreement by the street (a small steering committee of 3-4 people), for the street...  Each person receiving 50 or 100 Exchange Notes ($1 value per note) to 'buy' the goods and services that the people in the immediate street can provide...  to Each Other...  !!!!  

Reply by Meg on October 19 2011 
I remember the LETS programme starting up in my home town of Margaret River in my late teens (20 years ago!). The group ran out of the Community Garden at the top of town. The people who set up the rambling (mum thought it messy!) beautiful organic vegetable, herb, fruit, flower laden community space also set up the LETS program.

So the starting point of LETS is that it is community based and community led. Someone from within the community decides that they would like to start up the exchange of goods and services.  
Other like-minded people within the community then sign on the programme and start an "account". The opening credit you receive is 'open'. Rather than money, the credit is in favours, thankyous, beans, auras.... any good vibe word really. It is possible to go into too much "favour" debt so the LETS community are also there to support members who have gone into "bean" debt to gain back some credit by showing them where there value lies and how they can pay back their "thankyous", perhaps by babysitting, weeding, labouring, cleaning, art or other professional skills. In this way the LETS exchange also helps people to understand their intrinsic value. That they are worthy contributors.. that everybodyhas something of value in society and that giving our time as well as skills is valuable.

There is a central 'tracking system' for tracking each person's 'beans'  : )   "Beans" are given and received from a central community perspective so that you may receive babysitting from one person and then weed the garden of another. There is also community programmes that can be incorporated into the exchange. 
It all depends on the community.
Here are some links if anyone is interested to look further:

FREE linkup to local community exchange groups worldwide!International LETS Groups Directory
(FREE listings) 

Your guide to over 1,500 LETS groups from 39 countries

On the above site you can find existing programs, for example there is a list of New Zealand contacts and Australian contacts.. as well as worldwide.

Reply by Bronwyn on October 21, 2011

Hey there Leah ~  I actually looked up the etymology of the word 'money' today. Here's what it says:
Given the complicated relationship that most people have with money and the dramatic influence that money has over so many aspects of human life, it is hard to dismiss the synchronicity of the original meaning of the Latin root: warning.

One of Juno's epithets was Juno Moneta, who was responsible with protecting Roman's financial stability. The name Moneta is derived from the Latin monēre, which means "to warn or advise." 

... Monitor and admonish is one of the few English words that use the earliest meaning of the root as a warning or advice.


I wonder how one might interpret this: money = warning.  I also found this interesting link today giving "Origins of Words"...

Salary; Salt: In the early days of Rome its soldiers were given a handful of salt each day. The salt ration was subsequently replaced by a sum of money allowing each man to buy his own, and relieving the commisariat of the trouble of transporting it. The money received was referred to as their "salt money" (salarium in Latin).

Eventually, the term would make its way into medieval France, where a soldier's payment was known as his solde (which is still in use today as the term for a soldier's or sailor's pay), and it was in paid for with a special coin called a sol. By extension, the word also came to refer not only to a soldier's wage, but also to the soldier himself, evidenced by the medieval French term soldat, which itself came from the Old French soudier. For its part, the English word "soldier" comes from the Middle English souder, which also derived from soudier.

Here are some Facebook comments i've received on the original post.
KL:  Envision a New Energy Exchange Paradigm...where there will be no exclusions..♥ 
I was just looking at the above..and I feel a surge of wonderful synchronicity..In many ways... many of us are saying the same thing. That is such a blessing for us and our dear planet..♥ xox!

Bronwyn  Yes... that's totally what I believe too K...  It's Cosmic Consciousness touching us all as we learn to listen, at approximately the same time... and then it becomes a "Collective Consciousness" which has incredible Universal-Energy-Capacity for change.

The people united will never be defeated The people united will never be defeated.

KL:  So right you are...Even in our "unconscious"  Without speech.... While we sleep and dream.. The collective unconscious is working..♥ Cosmic C. Yes! :-)) ♥ 

JTM: Have you heard about a Resource Based Economy? It's part of the Venus Project. My grandson is quite geeked about it. From what I have learned, it's not the whole enchilada (so to speak) but is interesting stuff with some good ideas.
22 hours ago ·  
CBW:  Right with you there Bronny, I agree very much with what you have written. Like you I don't know yet what to replace the current system with, but I'm sure it will come, the more of us who connect and put our energies into it. Thanks for sharing! xx
Bronwyn  Thank you so much C ~ it's so great to hear your voice backing our New Free Flow Energy Exchange :D Let's keep imaging :D xxxx ♥

BMG:  I dont know either Bronwyn, but because of the way things are nowadays around money, I and many others, in a small way have made a difference to our lives. It's about people helping people. We sell each others products on a commission basis and help each other out with days off etc etc. I know none of this is the answer but it has made it possible to earn a little extra for ourselves without so much stress! If anyone else has any idea's I'd love to hear them. Thanks Beat Girl for sending me this and thanks Bronwyn for starting the thread!! Love and light.....♥
Dawn Newton  This is WHERE we are going; into a system of sharing, bartering, gifting, and giving (where we receive back but not necessarily from that person) we simply "pay it forward" as the movie brought into our consciousness. Thus, as I traveled the world I was led to people whom 'vibe' at this same space with me: they honoured my work and I honoured theirs. Lovies Dawn

MG:  OMG yes! It seems like that's all anyone cares about. Thank you Corinna for sharing this link sometimes even I catch myself thinking about my budget, before I know it, all I've thought about for the last half an hour is money.

GT  Is this a chick-only forum? (Joke!?) I couldn't have articulated Bronwyn's first 2 paragraphs better. That's how I live my life and the more encouragement I hear, the easier it is to carry on doing so. Looking forward to dialogue!

NB  Bronwyn!!!! We are thought twins!! I have been having similar thoughts in the past months and started to create a site where just such things can be discussed, but got distracted and hit a wall quite early on. Seeing the enthusiasm here has spurred me on! I would like to encourage those who agree with Bronwyns sentiments to go to: 

http://resourcesforall.wordpress.com/   and contribute your thoughts and suggestions or alternatives to ONE proposed solution to get the ball rolling. Wow....   Lets get started!

Bronwyn  Thank you everyone for your marvellous comments. The discussion is just warming up...
Love to each soul xxx ♥ Blessed Be...
Arohanui  <3xxx

Reply by Bronwyn on October 21, 2011

To me, (and mine is but one small opinion I hasten to add) the word 'money' is quite emotionally charged.  I am reminded particularly when I didn't have any... and was desperately poor with two little kids to feed.  I was definitely in fear at the time as the police had already made 3 arrests on my just new ex-husband; once for having my Death Notice published in August 1985 in the New Zealand Herald and on two other occasions when he had knives taken off him... he was out looking for me on those occasions by the way. I think of all the destitute Somali women sitting in the refugee camps outside of Kenya at the moment with their children dying of starvation, one by one. I guess they're in fear as well...  so yes, I see the point... in fear we can only attract poverty.  How different all our lives would be I guess if only we could have somehow tapped into the energy of Love in our darkest hour.  Sometimes, Hell just is.

'Money' for me conjures up pain, lack, hunger, stress, alone-ness, and all of those faceless men and women who are greedy and who have all the resources at their disposal to take my little from me ~ the "fat cats".  'Money' is competition and comparison and consumption. It is ruin for my lovely little planet. 'Money' is an empty 'gong'.  It has no heart, no feelings, no acknowledgement of who I am, what I stand for, what my values might be. It embraces me not. 'Money' shunts me this way and that by the power of its devices which are many and uncompromising. It is uncompromising. Houses and homes and jobs and businesses and good health and marriages are LOST... because of 'Money'. How can that be ???

I think an idea something like "Exchange Notes" (for me) say it better. "Exchange Notes" tell me I have something I can offer you, that might make a difference to your life, to help you be happier, to help you live a little longer in the sunshine and grace of our little blue-green Earth  : )  "Exchange Notes" tell me that we mutually have something to swap.  I value you, you value me. They do not drip with emotion or fear or loss or excess. "Exchange Notes" are a means, a medium whereby an easy exchange is facilitated. "Exchange Notes" are simply a means... and have absolutely no value in themselves. They ARE just bits of paper.

"Money" on the other hand (until very recently) was backed by gold and therefore very desirable, and more latterly by oil...  hence the big military actions against Iraq in the early 2000's onward when Saddam Hussein was going to start trading oil in Euros rather than in US $$. The US $$ was in peril if it did not have the oil reserves of the world to back it. Karma eventually prevailed and "Babylon the Great is falling... is falling..."  regardless. Wars are fought over money.  "Money" is traded as a commodity and hence "Global Markets" in "Money Trading" (ie: buying money of various currencies by "Commodities Traders") send inflation, interest, old age pensions into spiral...  the very things that hit both you and I well and truly in the guts.

I just want paper to exchange, that's all...  Paper that has no added value, and no perceived value in and of itself. All that paper does, is represent a haircut or a puncture repair or my power for the next month. I don't want it to be desired, plotted and planned over, dreamed of in the night as the vehicle that can give any lasting happiness at all. All of that is illusion.  I just want "Exchange Notes".  They 'mean' nothing... except to help me swap stuff and get help when I need it  : )

Reply by Meg on October 21, 2011
Ah yes, I don't mind money when I have it.. it's when I don't that it causes stress. And debt is very stressful.. it'll keep us awake at night. So yeah, it's a new stress in modern life.. as far back I guess as the invent of taxes and Robin Hood.. well not being a historian I'm sure it goes back further.. oh yeah.. Christ was mighty peeved about it! 

There is another Banking System that I think of when I think about Debts and Loans. I love it's concept and it's actuality.
It's called Micro Lending.
I can't remember the exact details but off the top of my head it started in India or somewhere in the world, from an Indian woman (or man :D) who had studied economics (or something) overseas and came back to their homeland. Here they recognised the struggle of woman in their society who worked extremely hard in their cottage type industry of perhaps basket making. Although these woman worked extremely long hours they were always in debted to their lenders. In order to make the baskets they were charged huge amounts in credit/of 'interest' for the construction materials. These were required to be paid back to the lenders with unpayable tax/ 'interest'...  ie: the baskets really belonged to the construction material guy. It was a no win situation as they were never able to pay back the accruing debt. They worked for the construction material man.
The economist came up with an idea to loan the women a small amount of money. Say $50 each. With this money they bought the materials they required outright. They then had their own business. They could make money from the baskets and pay back the small loan very quickly as well as be able to afford new material outright, or take on a smaller loan, or a loan of the same size but buy more materials and therefore make more money. The women (and it did start with women as they were the sole breadwinners in these families) were required to join an association and have regular meetings. In these meetings they supported and encouraged one another to pay back their debt by a certain amount of time. It was found that the women with the support and encouragement of one another were able to pay back their small loans and their small interests very quickly. These "banks" are very small, say a group of 20 women (more or less). The small interest paid on the small loans also means that these MicroLending Banks are also profitable, able to expand and get other communities starting.
I hope I did this story justice with my less than perfect fact recall. It's a beautiful story I think of a bottom up approach.... :D

Reply by Bronwyn on October 22, 2011

Yes, I have a passion for seeing a New Way of Being Manifest out onto the Earth Plane within my life time. There is so much change happening at the moment ~ so much that is not on the Mainstream Media Propaganda Machine...  so much to know and so much to look out for... Things are moving so rapidly now as the Mayan Calendar 9th Wave pushes through past those final sandbanks, breaking everything open to be seen for exactly what it is.  No longer will we be trodden underfoot.

The world is a changing place...  and as Anastasia says, the only way for us All to Co-create our Future is to think the issues through clearly. That's my hope for this site and of what we can do here together...  to express our individual processes without fear. 

Reply by Bronwyn on October 22, 2011
Oh well...  waking up a bit more...  seeing what these criminals have actually been doing with my gold & oil-backed money  : (   The trouble is...  they're trading on a finite resource  : (

Reply by Bronwyn on October 22, 2011
Oh ~  I learned something interesting last night too...
You know how there's "five trading days" you have to wait before a cheque is cleared ??  Well, you DON'T actually have to wait !!!!  I didn't know that.  If you're not happy with your bank putting your $50 check into their Trust Account for 5 days earning Big Interests off your money...  coz it's everyone's in there...  millions of dollars at a time...  Then you go to your Branch and tell them, "I don't want you doing that...  When Mr Smith pays me by check for his puncture repair, You (the bank) take money from Mr Smith's account on that very same day !!!  I want that money transferred into my account on that day, not into yours !!! "   Cheeky scoundrels !!!!

This is what we all really need to do with the current bank notes:  
Make Art !!!  :D

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