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Old Earth Teachings
Much ancient knowledge is being rediscovered. What are some ancient or tribal teachings you know of that make perfect sense to revive as we all reach forward in Co-creating Our New Earth?

The photo above is of a gesture known as the hongi.  It's done by Maori people as a common greeting when they meet each other...  particularly people that are known and certainly relatives...  unless there is some ongoing dispute with that person.  

The foreheads and noses touch and are held together briefly.  This signifies that both people acknowledge the "life force" within each other, the "Breath of Life".  They welcoming the presence of the wairua (spirit) or Essence of Life and silently acknowledge that this is what is commonly shared.
As a member of the tribe "Ngati Pakeha" (white person)  : )  I rarely practice  hongi  in my day to day life, whereas many Maori people would hongi with their friends and relations on a daily basis.  

On special occasions such as a visit to a Marae which is basically one's tribal/ ancestral homeland or reserve, one would certainly perform the hongi.  The Marae usually has a large common meeting/ sleeping house/ 'great hall' which most often has very ornate hand carvings inside and out.  I've only been to a Marae a few times in my life...  a wedding, a funeral and for a couple of courses.  Latterly, when I joined the anti- "Asset Sales" hikoi where we stayed on marae, there were around 8 'powhiri' in the space of 6 days. On these occasions, it is common to practice the hongi  with your hosts after your group has had the initial 'Welcome' (powhiri) onto the marae.  When the two groups have greeted in hongi, there is certainly a feeling of 'kinship' between the parties.




Agnihotra is a super science from ancient wisdom, given in these times as an antidote to pollution.


Agnihotra is a gift to humanity from the ancient most Vedic sciences of bioenergy, medicine, agriculture and climate engineering. This super science from Ayurveda, involves a small fire burnt in a seamless inverted copper pyramid of specific dimensions. A Sanskrit mantra (the correct resonance) is uttered while placing a small amount of unpolished brown rice and ghee into the fire at the precise moment of sunrise and sunset. It is a simple 10-minute process, yet it is healing entire environments, including farmland and crops and is also restoring the mental, emotional and physical health of people all over the world. 
By performing Agnihotra regularly a biosphere is built wherein pollution is neutralised, the environment is vitalised and nourished and a special peaceful atmosphere is created. Sitting in an Agnihotra atmosphere heals the mental, emotional and physical bodies from stress and tension so nicely, delicately, effortlessly.


If each person does their own Agnihotra they receive maximum benefit personally while at the same time the more people who perform Agnihotra in a particular place the more healing energy generated for the area. In this way each person is taking responsibility for the environment and receives maximum positive feedback from all that dwells in the environment and is benefiting from your effort. For example, each family member may like to have their own pyramid in which to do their own Agnihotra. One can breathe in the healing smoke, which quickly enters into the bloodstream and lungs introducing prana into the body. This has an excellent effect on the respiratory system and circulatory system. These effects are magnified when the ash is ingested. A scientist from Eastern Europe who has worked with Agnihotra for several years informed us that if one ingests Agnihotra ash first thing in the morning, then even if one ingests radioactive food thereafter the damage will be minimal. 
The ash from Agnihotra fires is potent with life-force / Prana. It can be used as effective healing medicine. Agnihotra is a daily detox of our environment and ourselves.

I had trouble finding this post!  I practice agnihotra and aim to be performing it twice daily once I get a steady supply of cow dung.  Not as easy as you might think what with having to dodge the weather and co-ordinate things with a friendly farmer.....
If anyone knows someone close to Porirua who would be willing to let us come and pick up some cow dung (must be fresh so we will need to enter the bulls ok!) *PLEASE* let me know.  We avoid "taking" the dung without permission and as it turns out all the farmers I know are a fair distance away. 

Reply by Bronwyn on December 14, 2011
Really??  :o   Sorry about the small surprise but I take it that the cow dung is used as fuel for the fire...  and then some Doctor guy (among others) eats the resulting ash saying it's extremely beneficial ??  :-/  Sorry...  but...  hmmm....
OK.  I just need a moment to think about this one...  :P
... although I have eaten the Sai Baba ash before...   cowdung ???  :-/
Yes, I understand your shock!!  Even urine therapy isn't even seen as thisicky...It's a long story that I'm not going to type out...but when I first heard about the healing power of the ash I decided that if anything could be that powerful then I owed it to myself to try it. 
Obviously I wasn't going to ingest it so I tried it out on an ingrown toenail.  It took two weeks to heal and then I continued applying the ash for another week or so.  OK, so that led me to more daring experiments. 
There is a HUGE demand for the ash medicine in places where medical treatment is difficult to come by or expensive, and it works! 
If you are squemish about ingesting it you can always try it out on your plants first.  Wonderful stuff.  It is best applied to the plants in a Homa atmosphere where possible so that the plant gets a double energetic benefit.
Homa organic plants (grown under the influence of the ash and mantra):
- display an unusual resistance to disease
- fruit twice a year (instead of just once)
- the fruit has an amazing taste
- fruit is larger and the yield is higher
- higher nutrient content (this is proven by test comparing fertilizer sprayed etc vs normal organic vs Homa Organic).
- those who use Homa farming often experience "timely rain" when all other farms around them are in drought.  This has been noticed in all countries and all types of climate (in times of flood Homa farms are spared.  It is believed that the practice of agnihotra brings with it a Divine shield of protection.  I have experienced this when I am performing it, though obviously I don't have a Homa farm yet.  I want to live on one as my calling in life is to give to the earth with this form of healing.
The ash has a measurable sound emited from it (detectable with an osilloscope).  It is so successful in healing people, animals and plants that Monsanto *booo hisss* is attempting to make a commercial version.
Yea, I've eaten Sai Baba ash....of course you know that comes from a fire ceremony with cow dung as it's basis right?!! Unless it was the ash from thin air trick  : )   They seem to miss that out when they come back from India talking about ash....they only mention the fruit offerings... Cows are divine beings and held sacred and their urine, dung, and breath are all used in healing.  God bless the cows and their big cow eyes.  Aww. 
Thank you for posting your more detailed response MysticRover  : )  I was not 'shocked' as such...  nor freaked out really :P  Sorry if my above Reply sounded so...
I was at a Sai Baba event around 2 years ago where I was playing kirtan with my friend who's a yoga teacher along with a few other people. At some point in the proceedings, the Om Bhur...  mantra was recited and whilst this was being chanted, women devotees were coming around (on the women's side) with a little box of ash from Sai Baba's asram in India to smudge on people's foreheads and if you wished, you could to take some in the fingers and put in your mouth.  My yoga teacher friend muttered something into my ear before the ash got to us, above the raucous chanting of 100 vibrant Sai Baba devotees.  What she said had the words 'cow dung' in it but I didn't catch much else of what she said. I just smiled and nodded not really knowing what she was on about.  I was caught up into the groove and followed my intuition, as one tries to in life, and was smudged then ate a pinch of the ash as well.  I was fine and didn't fall over with botulism, gastroenteritis, norovirus and so on.  
The surprise really, when I read your above declaration, was that i'd already done it (eaten) the ash but didn't really realise 100% what was in it.  It doesn't freak me out now, either... I was just surprised to see it in black and white  :D  "You just ate ash derived from burning cow shit!"  Oh... good !!  Hmmm...  OK...  wasn't really that bad.  Tasted just like...  well...  ash really :P

Beliefs and practices of devotees

"A primary aspect of Baba's teachings is the spiritual benefit of darshan for his students. At that time, Sai Baba might interact with people, accept letters, materialize and distribute vibhuti (sacred ash) or call groups or individuals for interviews..."

Udi - Sacred Ash
"Udi or ash is the purest substance on earth having tremendous powers of doing and undoing and is the result of sacrifices offered to fire (agni) which purifies everything by destroying whatever is evil. Performing 'Yagha' (Dhuni) is the most pious ritual recommended. [in] The ancient Vedic literature.

"There is a deeper underlying significance behind Baba’s practice of for distributing Udi. Baba taught by His Udi that all the visible phenomena in the universe are as transient as the ash. Our bodies composed of wood or matter of the five elements will fall down, become inanimate after all their enjoyments are over, and will be reduced to ashes. In order to remind the devotees of the fact that their bodies will be reduced to ashes, Baba distributed Udi to them. Baba also taught by the Udi that the Brahman is the only Reality and the universe is ephemeral and that no one in this world, be he a son, father or wife, is really ours. We come here (in this world) alone and we have to go out alone. It was found and is even now found out, that the Udi cured many physical and mental maladies... The former (Udi) taught us discrimination and the latter (Dakshina) taught us non-attachment. Unless we have these two things, it is not possible for us to cross over the sea of the mundane existence..."

"So much about the spiritual implication of Udi. It had also its material significance. It conferred health, prosperity, freedom from anxiety, and many other worldly gains. So the Udi has helped us to gain both our ends - material as well as spiritual."

This sounds so simple and beautiful in its simplicity. I love this old earth wisdom and shall give it a go some time too. Great to hear you have tried it MysticRover. I don't feel too squeamish about the poo ash seeing as it's been burnt. I must admit I don't mind eating a bit of dirt on my veges if I've grown them myself and I think the ash would be cleaner than the dirt. Then again, I think urine therapy is fantastic so perhaps I'm desensitised to sqeam.

LOL I told a nurse in our doctors surgury that we didn't need to worry about my son's excema on his eyes anymore because I was putting his urine on it....she looked totally disgusted with me and asked if I would like urine put on me....well if it works honey....: )

The squeemishness is a western thing.  Urine is sterile at least so nowhere near as dramatic as say GM crops, hormones or pesticides.  As usual sheeple tend to focus their worry about the wrong things. 
Good news is I've just placed an order for a 4kg supply of cowdung and have collected 35 litres yesterday!  We are looking good for the winter.

Thank you so so much for sharing this practice with us MysticRover.  I feel deeply moved today about how freely the Universe shares 'Goodness' with us.  The practice and the materials required are so freely available, so simple, so effective ~ from what i've been discovering here and associated articles.  I feel quite humbled by the practice's simplicity and the sincerity of faith the practice requires...  and is able to be done by anyone really. The 'Good' Who Anastasia speaks about certainly is Good  : )

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