Tuesday 15 May 2012


How to:
Drink only spring water until lunch time and then juice a glass full of organic beetroot.  Eat nothing else for the rest of the day apart from water. 

From DavidIcke forum:  Some say to chase the beetroot juice with an organic apple to stop nausea and I recommend this if you think you might vomit, so you can actually keep the beetroot down so it can do its job...its quite a strong taste. ... Although not everyone has a reaction like this.. some just get tired.. some feel nothing... but its good to be prepared for the worst and then anything else is a breeze.. obviously, do not do this if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

What the beetroot does is it scans through your organs.. .. if the gall bladder is toxic you might get sick very quick and have a major bile dump. if you are tuned in to your body enough you can feel it moving through.. if you dont get sick in the first hour you probably wont.. Have a rest and concentrate on your dreams and your true essence as the beetroot is resetting your DNA to your own unique thoughts... think about your health, your vitality, your loved ones, your space of love.. all your bright thoughts...

You may find the beetroot lingers in your digestive system for some days... and this is normal as its taking its time to help where needed...

So you have made it through that part.. and now all you do is go to bed for a good nights sleep.

When you wake up and when first hunger signals, you need to have already prepared a selection of fresh, local , organic seasonal raw foods ( from your garden, local market or small produce store.. avoid supermarket produce alltogether.. )

Spread before you and let your newly reset body tell you what it wants to eat. eat one thing at a time and wait for your hunger to trigger again to select something else.. relish the flavours and only eat one thing at a time.. notice what you go for, it may not be what you expect..

Continue eating like this and only eat when you are hungry - notice if you are satisfied with much less than normal and that your taste buds are alive.. continue eating like this and you will be very well and full of energy very quickly.. this is the way to eat as you breathe.. dont stop to make meals, just taste and nibble on things as you feel to and even better - DO it straight out of the garden...!

Do the beetroot reset again on each new moon and dont beet yourself up if you fall into old habits, as there is always another new moon to start over...

and try eating some grass too.. Anastasia says follow your dog or cat around and whatever grass they eat is OK for you too.. Make chewing grass part of your life or grow some wheatgrass and chew on that.. WELCOME BACK TO NATURAL EATING! How many more hours you will have in the day?!!

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