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Advice from Anastasia Book 1:... bees' mouths open up the channels in the plants through which the plants take in supplemental information reflected by the planets - information the plants (and subsequently, human beings) require."


Years ago Juliette de Bairacli Levy , my favourite herbalist, was in New Zealand. By chance I heard her on the radio.... she said you could tell all your troubles to the bees. It has taken till now for me to know the truth of that.
On Wednesday my head was giving me trouble, as it often does... I was asking  the Universe for help.

Justin and I were tending to the hives doing some winter maintenance and hadn't suited up. We had completed 8 hives when we made a slight slip up with the next hive...They decided NO WAY!!!  Out poured 100s of bees, flying at me with gusto!!!! Naturally I did all I could and panicked, running like crazy down the hill and followed by what seemed half the hive.
Justin was amazing and said, "You're OK Mum! Breathe!" 
I was feeling the venom from all the stings in my head going down my neck and feared the worst.
"Mum, you're panicking! Breathe!!"
So wonderful to have a strong calm force to hold you and bring you to your senses. Breathe I did and off we went to get the homeopathic remedies of Apis and Ledum into me, which I keep on hand for any such emergency.
I pulled myself together, suited up and returned to finish  the hives. Walking back up I realised my head had cleared to being better that it had been since the meningitis. THANK YOU BEES!!!

I find it interesting to see how life is as we view it/react to it. All our chemical reactions in the body are triggered by these thoughts/reactions. My initial reaction was to be a victim...helpless and hopeless. A strong observing force - Justin- reminded me and called me to the better part of myself.  We all have this witness within us; I was too locked into the panic to give it a chance.  Later I could see how I had even asked for help. I just hadn't figured it would come in that particular package. I can't say I would volunteer for the process, but I do find it very interesting that I was only stung in the part of my head that 'jams up'. I had absolutely no after-effects, no itchiness or swelling! My head still feels improved.

Anastasia Book 1......" Bees only sting when people act aggressively toward them, wave them off, become afraid or irritated inside - not necessarily at the bees, but just at anyone.  The bees feel this and will not tolerate the rays of any dark feeling. Besides, they may attack those parts of the body where the channels connecting with some diseased internal organ or where the protective aura has been torn, and so forth."

Mary:  Bronny Great pieces of research with pics!
Just from the little I have learned there is a need to address the situation in NZ and then in our own unique environment to keep the bees happy.
1. We have a serious verroa problem which requires management. How we do this is the learning! On our land we had many wild bee colonies which have  all disappeared. This got me  wanting to help the bees. Until we can build up bees that are resistant to verroa, the hives require treatment. At this point I can't see how to manage Anastasia's stlye of hive with this situation. If I had been a beekeeper and had a wealth of knowledge and experience behind me, I could probably step into that. At this point I am very reliant on the wisdom of the beekeepers I come in contact with plus using my own healing knowledge.
For example we have a very unique challenge with ants. According to most beekeepers ants don't worry bees. This is not my situation. Try as I might nothing worked. In the end I started using flower essences for the ants and bees to create harmony. They certainly settled down.
2. Each Apiary has its own unique environment which needs to be considered. eg water, wind, rain, sun/shade,  possible predators eg rats, mice, cockroaches, ants, wasps, wax moth...need I continue?
All of the above  require adaptation for the apiary. Lets take rain for eg In our climate where we have a reasonabley damp climate with a moderately high rainfall it has an advantage to slope the hive with the back end raised and the entrance closer to the ground. This way the moisture won't build up inside the hive. Quite the reverse of the hive on bamboo sticks. Maybe they have their own valid reason for this.
Bees like warm so which way do you face the entrance? Which way is the prevailing wind? Certainly towards the sun away from the wind.... 
Bees need water.. Is there an adequate supply, so they won't drown in it.
Oh dear it's exhausting me, talking like this.
The bees have offered me so much. Teaching me about "BEEINGNESS!" Beeing calm and gentle...working in an unhurried, confident way...beeing present...beeing alert....working co-operatively...have boundaries...bee organised...bee tidy...and soooo much more.
Their energy is such a wonderful vibration that just beeing with them is a healing in itself.
Now I feel so much better for beeing able to share the joy! LOL!!!

Mary I feel your exhaustion AND your increased dynamism from writing this.  Thank you so much...  may their little wing'ed "vibrations" sooth your over-exerted Beeing right now  :D

These are all really great hints.  I am very keen now to look for a split or disused djembe amongst my drumming friends...  hang it up under the old fejoia tree, toss in a chunk of honeycomb and see what happens  :D   The trickiest thing I think would be how to make a temporary "landing platform" for them for when they want to swarm as a large/ heavy group into the drum.  Hmmm...   I think i'll look at a few more pics  :D



Gosh, they seem to swarm quite freely...  I wonder if 'natural' swarming like this occurs in NZ?  I think most of these pics are from the USA.  Does the US have a veroa problem I wonder?  My feeling is that all of these 'problems' are brought about simply by man trying to 'dictate' to the bees what their living conditions "should be" rather than just let the bees get on with it  : )    

I've added these couple of 'quirky' pics here just to show where swarming may occur that's not quite 'ideal'  :D   What can you do eh? when a truck full of hives ends up on the highway ??


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