Monday 14 May 2012

Peak Oil: "Collapse" with Michael Ruppert

Friday 17th June 2011
I woke up to News this morning of riots in Greece and OPEC "refusing" to increase oil production. Really?? "Refusing" ?? Is it not more a case of oil production 'peaking' in 2008 and therefore, oil production simply "can not" be increased in 2011?   All of this was predicted by Michael Ruppert in the 2009 documentary "Collapse".  We are in what Michael calls, "The Bumpy Plateau".  Links to the Movie, to Michael Ruppert's You Tube Blog and the site "Collapse Net" are all added below ~

Collapse (Full documentary)

Published on Mar 29, 2013
Collapse, directed by Chris Smith, is an American documentary film exploring the theories, writings and life story of controversial author Michael Ruppert. Collapse premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2009 to positive reviews.

Ruppert, a former Los Angeles police officer who describes himself as an investigative reporter and radical thinker, has authored books on the events of the September 11 attacks and of energy issues. Critics[who?] call him a conspiracy theorist and an alarmist.
Director Smith interviewed Ruppert over the course of fourteen hours in an interrogation-like setting in an abandoned warehouse basement meat locker near downtown Los Angeles. Ruppert's interview was shot over five days throughout March and April 2009. The filmmakers distilled these interviews down to this 82 minute monologue with archival footage interspersed as illustration.

The title refers to Ruppert's belief that unsustainable energy and financial policies have led to an ongoing collapse of modern industrial civilization.
The film does not overtly take a perspective on the validity of Ruppert's positions[citation needed] and critics have alternatingly described the film as supportive and as critical of Ruppert's views. Smith himself, speaking at the Toronto International Film Festival premiere, said that "What I hoped to reveal was ... that his obsession with the collapse of industrial civilization has led to the collapse of his life. In the end, it is a character study about his obsession."[1]   'Collapse Net' site

Good movie...  definitely worth the watch.

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