Tuesday 15 May 2012

We are Light Bodies

General Info on our light bodies and vibration (love you all)

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Love you I hope you enjoy this,

I've just found this great young man on Facebook who linked his latest YouTube video. He's a person of great wisdom... Enjoy ~ Bronny xx

Here's Peter's Facebook link. 

Who Are You.....Really?

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Gangaji investigates the most important question you will ever ask yourself. Who Am I....Really? This video was created by Kosi, a student of Gangaji, for more info about Kosi please visit http://www.kosi.co and for more information about Gangaji please visit http://www.gangaji.org. To see more videos like this; please visit the KosiFreedom channel. The music is Lisa Gerrard and Patrick Cassidy from the album Immortal Memory the song is Elegy.

Next Events 24 - New Earth Frequency ET Souls - part 1 of 4

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Next Events 27 - New Earth Frequency ET Souls - part 1of 4
October 6, 2011.

Dolores Cannon, through hypnotherapy, can identify missionaries incarnated ETs are here to help, interviewing them during hypnotic trance. She knows what they were doing here, though, she does not reveal everything she knows in this interview. You will realize that although other words, all concepts are the same explained by Mythi for over a year. This simple and quiet lady, very wisely, does not speak only of ET and what they are doing in the middle of Earthlings in a human body, speech about 2012, Karma, health. More than forty-minute interview, but worth it.

Thanks to channel "expansaocosmica" for having this interview available.

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Captain Bill - October 2011

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