Monday 14 May 2012


Ode to Anastasia

Anastasia – your beauty is soul deep.
It permeates every cell in your being.
And radiates over the land of Rossiya.
It’s expanded across the big waters,
Your love even filling the air.

Anastasia – your being enlivens the entire planet
Your soul has now encompassed and embraced the whole world.
Some know it not yet.
While others are already enlisted
In your global Army of Light.

Your army is now on the move.
Penetrating every enemy’s lines of defenses,
Of darkness, confusion and fear.
You are encircling and protecting your soldiers,
Of every nationality and culture far and near,
In the invincible sun-like radiance of your love.

A new avatar has now come among us, in the most unlikely of external forms.
A blond, blue eyed young woman, a mother of a son and infant daughter.
A vivacious female of our same origin, living in a remote pristine Siberian glade.
Elf-like in her purity and power, like a nature sprite or guardian diva,
At one with all of God’s creation, proving our Creator’s perfection.

Can this actually be true?  Can this reality really be real?
Can we trust in this message in this Ringing Cedars Series books?
This practical procedure’s manual, this simple SOP, for implementing the Divine Plan?
Are we really being gifted with all we need to create,
Both our individual and planet-wide Paradise’s on Earth.

Is this not just a modern Russian fairy tale?
A new ingenious propaganda tool launched into our consciousness,
Another conspiracy plot to undermine our superior Western civilized progress,
Or is Anastasia truly the “Way Shower”,
The one we have all un-consciously been asking and praying for?

Is this just another sinister betrayal, of our highest aspirations once more?
How do we know – one way or another?  We have been made to play “The Fool”,
So many times before – by love, by our loyalty, and our faith in human goodness.
Can this time we trust this inner vibration we feel? 
Our heart’s knowing and compelling intuitive understanding?

With our intentionally distorted and manipulated vision freshly cleared,
Our brains washed clean of the Priest’s dark, entrancing sorcery,
Are we now the ones we’ve been waiting for?
To finally co-create
Our eternal dream of Earthly Paradise,
The one they had hidden from our view?

I will personally now go where I must. 
(I am going to Anastasia’s Rossiya on Sept 21st, 2011).
I will see firsthand what she describes,
What is actually being created in her Motherland?
Perhaps I will meet her personal messenger, her husband and author, Vladimir Megre.
I will report back what I find, returning with contacts, certainty, and resources to share.

From America with Love, I come to Rossiya.  
I return again - twenty-one years later, to see what I had a small part in creating,
The ending of the long bitter Cold War.
A new state, a freed people, to view and support this new civilization.
One for all of us to be inspired by,
 And duplicate in our individual expression.

Beneath the snows of Rossiya,
The seed has germinated and sprouted forth.
In the radiance of Anastasia’s love,
Russia is becoming again what it once was:  The ”Land of the Rose”. 
The Motherland of beauty, wisdom, natural abundance, and culture.
A divinely inspired Space of Love, expanding harmoniously across the globe.

The Great Russian bear, protects and nurtures this newly born conception,
In the warm, softness of her feminine groin.
She laps the bottom of its emerging development,
Keeping it clean of all clinging unwanted debris,
As she gently nudges it along on its way.

What once caused fear and cast a dark pall over humanity
Is now our common great blessing.
Thank you Mother Bear for your missiles, for your massive implements of protection.
Ironically, they now safeguard and defend, this new still vulnerable infant creation,
This emerging world of peace, revitalized nature, freedom and abundance for all.

The Empire’s globally arrayed military might,
Dare not invade your protected proud Motherland.
Though you no longer seek imperial expansion, nor threaten any land all around.
Your deadly thorns can defend your huge heartland,
You shield humanity’s grand dream from destruction.

And so Anastasia,
You ARE transporting us across the dark forces window of time.
It’s happening, we can feel it, we see it unfolding all around.
More are enlisting every day in your army.  We read your books like scripture.
Yet you make not the mistake of our exalted brother.
You allow no worship of yourself,
You frequent no world stage, and you propose no new “religion, too”.

Mostly you stay home in your remote sylvan glade,
Watching over your own still small children,
As they explore and “taste the universe” for themselves.
While you send forth your “Ray” of warmth, clarity and inspiration,
You give us the breath of new life.

What more can I say?  It’s now in our own capable hands.
It’s time we go forth together,
Yet creating one personal domain at a time.
Restoring the Earth, our beautiful Garden Plan-it.
Thank you our dear sister Anastasia.
From your brothers and sisters of light.


by Randall T. Ball
“Black Wolf who walks with Owl”
Paradise Found, LLC –
Written on Lammas Day – the traditional day of the first harvest, August 1st, 2011

P.S. Anastasia has now clearly shown us the way.  We have spent millennium expanding the boundaries of fear, cruelty and pain.  Let us now explore the infinity of Joy!

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