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Magnetosphere anomaly March 2012

Missing Magnetosphere Data 3-12-2012 - 3-13-2012

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Several hours of data missing at this site also. This information has been uploaded for documentational purposes only. I am not educated in exactly what this data means but we all survived the solar wind reversal.
I found these images at the following site thanks to SuspiciousObservers:
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IMPORTANT - POSSIBLE COSMIC EVENT - Were the Mayans Right On the Money? - Solar Update 

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IMPORTANT COSMIC EVENT - Were the Mayans Right On the Money? - Solar Update 3/14/2012.

The data from the NASA magnetoshere cygnet / database seems to have been 'scrubbed' after an apparent complete REVERSAL of the magnetopause/magnetosphere. Suspicious Observer had original data showing the reversal on 3/12/2012 at around 16:00 UTC. When I went back to research what happened, that data WAS GONE.

The mayan's spoke of these exact events, not as prophecies - but as predictions. Those predictions were AS precise, if not MORE precise than science gives us today.

They said that in the advent of the 6th cycle/age (2012) that the solar system would receive a 'syncronizing beam of light from the center of the galaxy'. This is a great analogy to what happened to our magnetosphere on the 12th.

Research Links Below...

Documentary "The Galactic Day" -http://www.planetxresearch.org/tsrnmain#!__ustream/dvdorderpage

Research Website - http://www.planetxresearch.org

Truth Seekers Research Network (TSRN) website:

TSR Network's First Broadcast this weekend March 17th on HumanBeingBroadcasting. Time TBD

Comment by Bronwyn on March 30, 2012 

Section III will add incredible context to everything we've discussed up until then... and you won't want to miss it. I myself didn't realize what we really had until I went back and did the "homework."
Some of this new data came in the form of highly clever time-encoded prophecies that could not be fully understood and appreciated until the actual dates took place. As it turns out, the date of March 13th, 2012 was given, years in advance, as a pivotal moment in the defeat of the Old World Order. This was all documented - and can easily be verified. I was stunned to discover this data, for the first time, on March 11, 2012. I would have loved to have been fast enough to get it posted the next day, but this investigation could not be rushed.
March 13th was also when the ancient cycles of the Mayan Calendar went into full lock-step synchronization -- regardless of which of three counting systems you use.

These cycles will now remain harmonized -- right straight through until the Calendar's conclusion on December 21, 2012.  Of course, perma-skeptics will immediately get a satisfying laugh from this - and that's fine - but in The Source Field Investigations, chapter 16, page 337-358, I proved that the Mayan Calendar cycles are all neatly tied in with planetary and celestial movements.
There is solid scientific data for how planetary movements affect human behavior and emotions, which I am incorporating into my new book, The Synchronicity Key, due out this fall.

Disturbance / Reversal of Magnetopause On March 12th, 2012 - Does Saturn Hold the Key ?

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Disturbance / Reversal of Magnetopause On March 12th, 2012 - Does Saturn Hold the Key ?

Some of us are still trying to figure out why the magnetosphere/magnetopause 'flipped' out on 3/12/2012 at around 1630 UTC. The data is still 'missing' from NASA. I wanted to find out what could possibly be acting as a 'force' against the sun - a 'force' strong enough to apparently counter the solar wind, as seen happen on 3/12 with the reversal of Earth's magnetopause.

I've also found a similar event that happened on 3/8/2012 that was similar, but did not result in the same 'flipping' event. I'll release that video later.

Since saturn is in direct opposition to the Earth & Sun on 4/15/2012, I used it as a reference point to see what lies beyond in deep space, in the same direction that the 'force' would have originated from. What I found amazed me, and I'm not sure what to make of it...not just yet...

Could there be another explanation? Why sure - but these facts are ominously coincidental for my liking. Do you believe in 2012? This is no HMO or PlanetX, but I think that it is totally feasible to say that this COULD be a theory worth looking into in more depth...

Stellarium and my screen capture did not get along, so the footage is missing and that was the result. But stellarium did not reveal anything of interest.

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