Saturday 19 May 2012

1080 Poison Drop in NZ forests

Here's what's happening in Godzone, apparently "100% pure". Yeah, right !!

Poisoning Paradise - Ecocide in New Zealand - Part One

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"Poisoning Paradise - Ecocide in New Zealand" takes you into the drop-zone of aerial 1080 operations, beneath the canopy, where the birds and animals live. For the first time, supported by scientific evidence and indisputable footage, this film fully exposes the truth about a culture that is believed will eventually see New Zealand left as a toxic wasteland, and an international embarrassment.

1080. Indiscriminate killing of all life... of whatever comes next in the food chain or drinks from a contaminated water supply. 1080 does not break down. It remains active in every part of the food chain.  This means that by the time it gets to the human level of the food chain, we don't die...  we just end up with 'mysterious' illnesses and a high prevalence of cancer. Please continue to protest Against 1080. Picket. Campaign. Lobby. Sign on to every petition you can find...  Write to your MP.  Pour your energy into making a stand against the ongoing Poisoning of Paradise, OUR country, New Zealand.



                                                              Source                                                                                                         Source                 

             Source  -  The Graf Boys 


          Source                                                                                                                                      Source

This is a slow painful death affecting the nervous system of the animal.  For a large animal like this domesticated horse or a wild deer, it takes around 3-4 days of having seizures before death finally comes.



       1080 found in NZ streams... killing ALL life.               Graf Boys: campaigners.

                  Join the protest. Sign the petitions to:                           "Stop the Drop"  

Make NZ 1080 free.  Stop the Drop !!! 
No More inhumane killing of all life.
No More insanity.

No More !!

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