Friday 25 May 2012

There is no way to pay off World Debt

There WILL BE global financial collapse...  simply explained:

Derivatives: Why we WILL Collapse - No Way Out Now.

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If you can explain how we get out of this one...I'm all ears. Derivatives are what caused Hank Paulson to declare in 2008 "The West is ****ed "  He understood then what I am explaining here. Prepare!

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  • How do the banks put multiple insurance policies on your house without informing you about it? If this is now known shouldn't the banks involved be tried for fraud?
  • Yes they should. I believe that is the heart of the matter for many of the occupy Wall Street crowd. What they don't get is that it is the combination of the banks with government (in the same bed) which is the problem. The protesters have it 1/2 right. The media keeps them from connecting the dots. If Govt. wasn't in bed with them, special prosecuters would already have handed down many, many, indictments. As it is, nobody but us suffers as we pay for it all. The core is rotten

The banks are absolutely involved in fraud, unfortunately there is no one to report it to because the bankers were enabled to commit the fraud by the people we "elected" to protect us- all of them, senators, representatives. Time to get professional politicians out of public office.
Why should we pay back this fake debt? We should cancel the debt, disband and liquidate the sponsor business entities if they are willing to submit to our laws, or prosecute/attack them as criminals/combatants.

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