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Posted by Bronwyn on February 11, 2012

A lot of people are talking about 'Disclosure' at the moment. This is in reference to an anticipated 'Disclosure' from the governments of the world admitting that they have been in contact with races of people off-world.  People say these races (who look pretty much like us) are generally more Spiritually and Technologically advanced than we are currently.

Anastasia openly talks about these beings.  Anastasia took Vladimir Megre (the author of the books) to view other planets on a couple of occasions (using something like astral travel) where he saw the people and the technology of those places. Anastasia says in the books that even though these people have much greater technological capacity than we do at the moment, that Humanity and planet Earth is the 'crowning glory' of Creation. 

So there will be many sides to this discussion...  including the experiences of those like Steven Jones who has many times been taken into the ships and those who believe they are channels for off-world beings as seen on the site, "The 2012 Scenario". The passage below is from this site ~ part of a channelled message.  I really like what it says, so I added this passage here  : )

"You are One Race, the Human Race and you are all responsible for each other. Many feel that already, and with the levels of consciousness rapidly rising more are awakening to it. Soon you will have the tools and means to put the wrongs right, and there will be a wonderful outpouring of love to each other. You are naturally benign Beings of Love and Light, and that only changed when the Dark Ones took control and drove wedges of hatred between you to maintain false differences. When you look at another Human and can see a reflection of yourself in them, you are seeing beyond the outer appearance and into the soul."

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