Saturday 26 May 2012

Financial Cabal under seige: Drake - Common Law & Winston - Admiralty Law: Terms of reference. More parts of "The Plan".

This is a somewhat 'technical' video which follows on from David Wilcock's interview with Drake on 29 March 2012.  The gentleman being interview is an expert on Admiralty Law. I think it might take a couple of goes to really 'get' this video.

There has been a plan-in-the-making for hundreds of years...  a plan that humanity is now exposing and overthrowing !!   

Mass Arrest Warrants - David Wilcock & Winston Shrout - Liens Against Central Banks Explained

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Lamplight Group Presents "Mass Arrest Warrants - David Wilcock & Winston Shrout - Liens Against Central Banks Explained"

A mirrored video by David Wilcock

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  1. OK... I've just finished listening to the whole video. At the start, Winston starts speaking in analogy... he kind of lost me at this point as the analogies he was using were examples from the Bible... so I wasn't sure quite where he was coming from. Once I got on board that he needed to use the King James Version for these Biblical texts to form a "language relationship" with the topic he was dealing with, then "I got it".

    This video is REALLY technical... but the bottom line is:

    This is the way to bring the Financial Cabal into the Court System;

    This is the way to make them answerable to what they have done... to the WHOLE PLANET !!

    This legal 'process' is the answer. It sounds like these charges could not have been brought about through any other means.

    Isn't it just amazing that at this time in history, a man named 'Drake' became very competent in English Common Law and figured out how to get all the information together to make a "Notification of Sovereignty" and by what means to submit this to the International Law Court at The Hague (in the Netherlands) and that simultaneously, there was a man named 'Winston' who for 2 decades now has been getting his head around "Admiralty Law"... and that both of these men's lives crossed right now, at this very point in history...

    And now tell me that there's not a 'Master Plan' ; )


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