Tuesday 22 May 2012

Throw out the Money Changer !!!

John Key: The man who would be PM

By Carroll du ChateauPaula Oliver and Eugene Bingham

3:00 PM Saturday Jul 26, 2008

...retired merchant banker

... career banker and money-man

Why does a wealthy man who appears to have it all want to get into the Beehive and take hold of the purse strings? Is it just a fantasy?

Key clearly didn't come into politics for the money.

In search of John Key

By Eugene BinghamCarroll du Chateau and Paula Oliver
3:00 PM Saturday Jul 19, 2008

The cheeky businessman
The key dealer: Elders Merchant Finance 
Bankers Trust 

John Key Shocker

Uploaded by  on Jul 23, 2008
National party leader John Key as a young thrusting forex trader. But wait what's he doing under the desk.

Will John Key Profit From NZ Foreign Debt? MR NEWS

Published on Feb 9, 2011 by 

New Zealand is getting in debt to foreigners at an alarming rate, John Key owns shares in the Bank of America, is he profiting from this?

"Long term share holder at Merill-Lynch"  Really Mr Key ???  And you have no Conflicts of Interest ???

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