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Swaziland's King Mswati III accused by activists of human rights abuses and of looting national wealth
*Not only are they supporting this dictator but....
*It's bad for you both in terms of caffine, aspartame (or whatever they are calling it today)
*The effects of the additives are HIGHLY addictive and "numb" your mind.  I speak from experience.  God help me if I ever have another drop and have to try to quit again...
*It's bad for environment.  Producing aluminum cans wastes massive amounts of water.  Don't kid yourself into thinking recycling makes things better as the waste is still there, and it is the same with plastic bottles too.  You know it's true even if you don't want to believe it.
*It's bad for your smile.  We need more smiles in the world, not less.  Keep drinking and your teeth WILL DISINTERGRATE.  Just look at people with severe coke habits...
Make 2012 a coke free year!~
Tips from my personal experience:
1) Take it very slow.  First ween down to drinking sessions at set times of the day.  Get down to two times a day (as much as you want but just restricting to the same times each day), then just once a day.  Congratulate yourself.  This is more difficult than other people realise.  If you are addicted to energy drinks use the same method. 
2) From here wean down amount.  Drink increasing amounts of filtered water to help flush your system. 
3) Replace the small amount of coke with some other bubbly stuff that is similar such as Sprite.  This is because Sprite, 7Up, etc etc are way less addictive than coke (do not use any energy drink - you are in the Western world and unless you are a high performance althlete you don't need energy drinks.  Save your money dude).  Congratulate yourself as this is a very big step.  Replacing several drinks is a good start so don't worry too much as this phases can take months to accomplish.
4) Eventually you should consider kicking the soda habit altogether because it is just too freakin' easy to switch back into coke again (I got to this point at least 5 or 6 times before I figured this out).  Find a juice that you like that nutures your body that you like to drink.  Take your time with this stage too and don't worry if you slip up just keep moving towards the goal 

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