Sunday 20 May 2012

"The Agenda" reveals itself

I recently went away from my hometown for 10 days and went on a 'hikoi'. "Hikoi" is a Maori word meaning 'a long walk in protest of ~ '  An example of this would be Mahatma Gandhi's walk to the sea (to Dandi) where he encouraged the Indian people to produce their own salt and no longer be dependent on the Brits for their salt.

  Salt march, April 1930

The hikoi I went on was to protest the selling off of New Zealand's assets via floating our Energy (power) assets on the Stock Exchange.  We also protested the wholesale permitting for mining of our mineral resources by our current Prime Minister John Key.  John Key works primarily for the USA agenda, more rightly stated as the UN agenda as expressed in the UN's "Agenda 21".  "Agenda 21" completely outlays what the supposed 'new world' will look like.  "Agenda 21" clearly states that there will be an 80% global population reduction.  We see this being achieved in many ways currently (eg: UN allows Syrian situation to continue ~ genocide, chemtrails (poison drops) in the US and other countries)  and as visually stated in the movie, "The Hunger Games".  This movie is a perfect illustration, ie: is a subliminal brokering of acceptance in the young generation, of how life is supposedly 'destined to be' according to the Elites, who have been running this Earth's affairs for the last few thousand years.

"... the truth is that the global elite are absolutely obsessed with population control.  In fact, there is a growing consensus among the global elite that they need to get rid of 80 to 90 percent of us.
The number one commandment of the infamous Georgia Guidestones is this: “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”
Unfortunately, a very high percentage of our global leaders actually believe in this stuff."

It's a very convoluted story which i'll try to not confuse you with here...  I now move on to how the 'Agenda' revealed itself personally to me on Wednesday last week...

I had been away on this hikoi for 10 days which ended up in Wellington. When I returned home, I realised how depleted my bank account was and that I would need to accept as much work as I was offered so that I could pay my rent for the next fortnight.  All of this was do-able.  So I set to and worked for the next 6 days.  I was really exhausted as you can imagine, and had been working day-night-day-night shifts turn-about which had really mucked up my sleeping patterns.

I take medications for high blood pressure.  This was beginning to run low. I knew I needed to have an appointment with my doctor before the end of the week...  unfortunately I was pretty run down and a bit of a mess.  The other thing I had been doing was reducing my medication.  It's a 'beater blocker' with the words 'do not stop taking this medication' on the label.  

It had occurred to me at around January 2012 that the only reason I still needed to take this medication was that I had become habituated to it. All of the reasons why I needed the medication from 10 years ago (mainly stress) now no longer exists. I had therefore decided since January to start reducing the amount...  by 1/4.  So for the previous 4 months I had been taking 3/4 of a tab. This seemed to be working out fine with no ill-effects.

During my doctor's consultation, she mentioned this...  that I hadn't been in for some time.  I told my doctor what I was doing.  Bear in mind that I was extremely exhausted and therefore, it was likely in my mind that I would have a higher than 'normal' blood pressure reading.  The doctor put the cuff over my skivvy and proceeded to pump it up.  She really puffed it up to full extent and I even winced and made a slight screech as she did this.

Her pronouncement was 160/120.  "This is very high. I'm going to prescribe a different medicine for you."  I was too tired to object and just said...  "Well, whatever you think is best."  I asked her about 'side effects' and explained that I didn't think it was a very good time for me to change meds since i'm starting on a full-time contract this week, rather than the casual work that i've been doing.

As I continued to sit while she was documenting all of this, I realised, I don't feel my heart pounding...  This was strange, as I would normally feel it with such a high reading.  I then said to her, I would like to get a second reading...  My doctor bustled me out of her office and into the hands of a practice nurse.  I then removed my jersey and skivvy (sitting there in my singlet) and the reading was repeated...  130/90 !!  There you have it...  practically 'normal' with allowance made for disrupted/ no sleep after the previous night shift.  I asked about getting my prescription changed back, but the nurse basically said that the doctor didn't agree to changing the script and that i'd better stick with what the doctor had recommended. I walked out resigned to be compliant.

Over the weekend, the side-effects have been absolutely horrible !!  Very nasty...  and why would she not change the script when my 2nd reading had been practically normal ??

The weekend gave me a bit more time to think about things... as my head cleared from the swoon of the first few days of taking the new meds.  I realised a few things...

Who is my doctor really working for?  We all know about the pledge of the Hypocratic Oath and that doctors are 'meant' to be looking after their patients' welfare...  but who else are doctors working for ???

"The Agenda" of course...  to keep the population generally compliant and dependent on 'the system'.  Specifically, 'The Agenda' to the medical fraternity is best expressed as them being servants of the pharmaceutical companies.

So, what happens if someone wants to come off their medications and chooses 'autonomy' ???  Well in this case, I believe my doctor purposefully puffed the cuff up to such an extent to cause me pain so that I would end up with a high (faulty) reading.  

Why would she do that ??  Because I would no longer be in compliance to 'The Agenda' which ultimately wants to keep me 'weak' and pitiful...  in dependence upon 'the system' for my health, food, water, heating, energy and so on.  The more I am in self-reliance, the less they can manipulate me.  

For her ??  She would lose 'kick-backs' from the pharmaceutical companies if too many people decided to come off their meds.  As well, there goes the 'repeat business' sector of the practice.  Just think of all the people who have to front up to their GP every 3 months for their repeat regular prescriptions.  It's definitely in my doctor's best interests to keep me under her thumb...  in drug-taking dependence.

With this realised, I know there is only ONE course of action I can take...

Wish me well everyone as I go in and wrestle with 'the giant'.  I want to tell her "I see you", which I believe now, that I do.  I have already sent her this message in the early hours of this morning...  and I envisage her writing me a script for my old medication, realising full-well my plans to continue reducing the dose.  The new meds she put me on that have given me all the grief, are 'time release' with cautions all over the new pack to not cut, crush or take less than the whole dose.  Funny that  :-/   

I see 'the agenda' now...  and to think I especially wanted a woman doctor because I believed I would get more 'ethical treatment'.  Yeah, Right !!!  What a scam !!  I see it now.  I reclaim my health and raise the finger to drug dependency.  I'm coming off my drugs, whether they like it or not.  If my doctor's agenda is to serve the pharmaceutical company rather than myself as her patient, ie: if she refuses to write me a new script, I will be uplifting my medical file forthwith and telling her to stick her pills where the sun don't shine.

I'm done with it.  No more pandering to the drug companies.  I give them the haka with the cut throat...  They're not controlling me any longer.  

I see you now...  You little worms !!!!

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