Monday 14 May 2012


The following is a letter from a friend on YouTube, received today:


How i see it is everyones religion is right, and thats coming from someone who has actually read more than one holy book. The disintegrating society or the disintegrating earth is evident, there has never been a time where so many natural events on unprecidented scale been witnessed before. Whatever is the cause simply does not affect geo but as is evident affects bio, as we see with how we are recently conducting ourselves. Not surprising if you have the wisdom and the proof at hand to know both physical nature and non physical are certainly connected, and the source in which all these share is visibly affected. Whether you call it God, the universal concious, mohammad, is completely irrelevant, the fact is the linking force is affecting and this is evident, and more apparent now with its increasing magnitudes across all ranges, but if you have an understanding of this singular source that impowers the universe, you will simply know that it is in its nature to do justice and therefore i believe what we are seeing take place is a restoration of balance. 
best Gene

My reply:
Thank you so much for taking the time to write me this beautiful letter. I believe that what you say is the Truth. I see in it a lot of the wisdom of the Yogis who refer to Unity, ie: yoga (Sanskrit) means unity. I think it's this Unity Consciousness that we are all yearning for... it's the thing that this world of work and money can never give us... so Unity with the One has it's counterfeit in what the 'world' offers which is material possessions and 'status' via how much money we earn. These things are illusory. 
The reality Gene is that you and I are One in the One Source whose expression flows through both you and I  ... and in all living beings, all humanity if they would only stop to recognise it in themselves, in all animal forms who i'm sure instinctively sense themselves as 'The One', in all plants, minerals, skies, oceans, the 'unseen' worlds of myth, psychology and fear... also of hunger, destitution and illness. I feel that all expressions are expressions of this One Source who is so ill-at-ease over the disconnection, that it simply mirrors back to humanity, "disconnection". 
I'm not so sure about the 'justice' part my dearest ?? I know the Bible talks about this. I think the 'justice' comes about as an expression of the 'pain' the One experiences that is mirrored in the environment and in whatever human condition is presently prevailing. I find it no surprise that East Africa, ie: Somalia is experiencing such pain at the moment. Certainly I have compassion for the half million now languishing in the death camps on Kenya's border. Their history has been to mutilate their little girls ~ such great Collective anguish Gene  ... and I think this manifestation of anguish now is returning to them a hundred-fold. This is just an example that quickly comes to mind.

I see your heart and it is full of Compassion. Also, in the Cedars books, Anastasia the Siberian recluse frequently refers to God as the Source and Creator of all things... and that Man was Created to be in complete harmony in the garden, ie: with the environment... not in this gigantic struggle of claiming resources and assuring egos of their worth through accumulation of wealth. I hope you sleep soundly now in the UK. I send love and warmth and strength to you : ) Strong people in the world need to look after themselves for the days to come. Sleep well. Eat well (ie: not processed foods)   : )
With love, Bronwyn

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