Sunday 13 May 2012



I was a part of this protest from 29 April to 8 May 2012 ~ Hamilton to Wellington. 

John Key ~ I have no words strong enough to describe his lechery.  Bastard !!  

John Key: NZ Prime Minister (2008- ) and advisor to Alan Greenspan (Chairman) United States Federal Reserve Bank (1999-2001 )

"... Next to that he [John Key] was an upon invitation only advisor to Alan Greenspan and the privately owned Federal Reserve of New York, right at the time the bonds and Derivatives trade started to bubble up and in 1999 he had two years until he left to make a final killing...

... this is only the end of 21 years of unmitigated Bankers greed and lies and John Key sharked around with the nastiest of them. The “Smiling Assassin” as he was fondly known by his colleagues made his $ 50 mill by systematically selling crap financial products and lying while he did it... " 

Yup...  That's NZ's Prime Minister !!!   
Get the bastard OUT !!!


Last updated 11:00 15/12/2011

"The Government has confirmed Mighty River Power will be the first state-owned asset to be partially sold, saying an initial public offering (IPO) is likely next year but is subject to market conditions.

"Cabinet yesterday agreed to take initial steps towards the Government's goal of selling up to 49 per cent of four state-owned energy companies and further reducing its shareholding of Air New Zealand.

"The other energy companies to be sold are Genesis, Meridian and Solid Energy...

"More decisions about the timing of sales will be made early next year but the ministers said there was likely to be a number of IPOs over the next three years."

Excellent wind farm ~      Very nice pylons ~             Geothermal reserves          For Sale !!                     For Sale !!                        For Sale !!  

Yup, the National-led government are going ahead and selling off our Power Companies up to 49% and undoubtedly will be floating these shares on the NZX.  Whaaaat ???  
...  Apparently "Mum and Dad investors" (MP Key's term) are going to take up these shares which will keep our assets in NZ hands  *guffaws* 

Yeah right !!  :-/  Mum and Dad are too jolly busy with their full-time jobs trying to keep up with their mortgage payments so the bank doesn't come and repossess their house, more like it !!!  I doubt if many of them will be perusing their Yellow Pages looking for a Stock Broker in the weeks to come  :-/   ... more like, I hope we can get through Christmas and see happy little smiles on our wee children's faces. 

It's such a pity that "Occupy Auckland" and "Occupy Wellington" didn't have the vision to jump on this issue (asset sell-off) when it came out in the open 6 weeks ago during the election.  This is something many NZ'ers could have related to and thence, people would likely have given ongoing support to the 'Occupiers'.  

Oh well...  Good efforts "Occupy"...  But it looks like this 'movement' in NZ will now be a bit of a 'fizzer', for want of the organisers really getting to grips in the first place what the issues are....  too taken up with their own personal agenda, i'm afraid  :-/    

Yes, I guess that's a Catch-22.  If the NZ government, regardless of which party was in leadership, were to "sell" an asset by way of floating shares on the NZX (eg: Power Providers), there would be an assumption on the part of investors that there would be a fairly reasonable return on these shares.  If suddenly, the funds from such sales were put directly into an activity that was going to diminish these returns (eg: offer low-cost/ subsidised solar panels to private homes) I think the new investors of the Power Companies would likely kick up a hew and cry.

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