Tuesday 15 May 2012

Amazing Occupy

Amazing Occupy

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A tribute to people (and their dogs ;) from all over the world supporting the global revolution. You are amazingly beautiful and infinitely powerful.


Song: "Amazing" by One eskimO, available at http://www.oneeskimo.com/

Bron:  28 October 2011
This is an amazing video Caroline !!  Thank you so much for making it (you're so darned clever !!! )  and posting it here *hugs*  The sign boards are so inspiring, the music catches you up...  by the time the video got to "Occupy Auckland" I couldn't hold my emotion in any longer...  We're ARE living in Amazing times Caroline !!!  : )  *weeps for joy and in amazement*  

All of this has come together so fast !!!  ... of course on the back of 3 and a half centuries (in our modern times) of making use of humanity to gather wealth (resources, political dominion) into "Their" storehouses, and obviously, many thousands of years before this on our planet, when "They" were less well seen ~ when this "money" system was first created...  actually, the self-operating, maintainance-free "slave" system as we now see it uncovered, in the light of Our New Day upon the Earth.  

How appropriate Caroline that you post this video on the
final day of the Mayan Calendar 9th Wave for you in Holland and the
first day of "What Happens Next..." for me in New Zealand  : )  
I'm sure these dates didn't slip your notice either !!  :D

... A very good beginning  ... A very WONDERFUL beginning.  Thank you Caroline...  thank you all marchers...  I send my love to you and join with your thoughts for protection, resilience and CHANGE !!!   I hope to "Occupy" soon too for a few days (4 days off work soon !!)  I'm just checking out the closest action where I am...  or maybe will just go Downtown Hamilton with billboards inspired by this video :D  

Caroline: 29 October 2011

Wow, thanks dear Bron, for your wonderful feedback!Yes, RC NZ has the exclusive premiere ;p and it is great to read it touched you! I knew you would love the Auckland pic...the silly thing is, once I get an idea to create a video, I get into some kind of "zone" and forget time. When it was finished,  I watched it for the first time, and then it moved me, too! Yes, this movement is truly amazing, isn't it..Yes...I was aware of the final day of the Mayan Calender..a wonderful day to post it, right? I guess it is no coincidence I felt like creating it these last few days. These are inspiring times! Happy Occupy and enjoy your days off! xxx Caroline

'Occupy's simple message is key to its success - ''End Corporate Greed" - 'Occupy Wall Street'

Uploaded by  on Nov 4, 2011
'Occupy's simple message is key to its success'
Published: 04 November, 2011, 08:22
Occupy protesters demonstrate resilience to crackdowns and cynicism in the media but it is still unclear what lies ahead for the movement.Abby Martin, founder of Mediaroots.org, says that Occupy can become a real political force.

While camping out and singing songs is one thing, getting the right politicians elected quite another. Martin says that the movement is unified and people are waking up to the two-party dictatorship, and realizing that the political system does not represent them anymore.

"A lot of people tried to paint this movement as not unified and we do not have a cohesive message, but as far as I can see we have one message and it is corporate greed and we are not standing for it anymore," she declared. "No matter what your sign says, it all stems from the same source and that is corporate greed running amok."

Martin believes it was a huge success for the movement when up to 20,000 people peacefully marched and successfully shut down the Port of Oakland. She says that getting their point across justifies shutting down America's fifth largest port.

"It was almost necessary to get the point across, no-one is really listening to us. Mainstream media is trying to marginalize this movement. So maybe it will take something like that to really get people to recognize our force," she said.

The mainstream media in US accuses the Occupy movement of being envious of the rich. Martin laughs it off arguing that it is about disenfranchisement and the extreme desperation that people are seeing.

"The rich keep getting richer. We are talking about corporations not paying taxes. Why should we? It is a two-tier justice system. We are held to a different sort of justice system in America. We are not standing for it anymore," she says.
Scores arrested in Oakland, agitators blamed for unrest
Thu Nov 3, 2011 7:38pm EDT
By Peter Henderson

OAKLAND, Calif (Reuters) - Scores of protesters were arrested and eight people injured on Thursday in Oakland clashes that activists and officials blamed on agitators who provoked police after a day of mostly peaceful rallies against economic inequality.

Busloads of police in riot gear advanced on demonstrators overnight firing tear gas to disperse hundreds lingering in downtown streets hours after protesters numbering in the thousands had forced a shutdown of the busy Port of Oakland.
Agitators blamed for Oakland unrest that injured 8
By Peter Henderson and Emmett Berg

OAKLAND, Calif | Fri Nov 4, 2011 12:37am EDT

(Reuters) - Police arrested more than 100 demonstrators early on Thursday in clashes that activists and Oakland city officials alike blamed on agitators who provoked unrest following a day of mostly peaceful rallies against economic inequality.

Officials said eight people -- five civilians and three police officers -- were injured in violence that left Oakland streets littered with graffiti, smashed glass and debris. But the nature or severity of those injuries was not disclosed.

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