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Anastasia speaks on "Universal Conscious Awareness"

Introduction by Bronny NZ

Who or What is "God"?

There is no "He" or "She"

"Eternal Essence"

"I AM"

"Prime Creator"

Our little human minds can't conceptualise what This might be... so we anthropomorphise It... We turn it into a human form graphically, in our minds.  In our older cultures, we gave It names such as the "Great White Spirit", "Brahma", "Atua", "Holy Spirit", "Atma" or "Io".  

As we became more materialistic and stopped seeing properly, It became much more of a human form. We gave It names such as "YWWH", "Allah", "God", "Ya" and mentally created a picture of a human when we thought of these words.  

We've now come even further into the illusion, and have human names for It... something like you would do with a pet... naming it "Jonathan", or similar.  The names we now gave to The ALL who can not be defined, became very human and intimate... and we even talk about having "a personal relationship" with "Him" ... which is True in Essence, but not true in Imagery.  

The Earth was suddenly filled with names like, "Krsna", "Jesus Christ", "Ranginui", "Zeus", "The Madonna", "Aphrodite", "Vishnu"...

In the philosophies of men, "God" had come down to Earth...  

Or had humanity simply reduced The Indefinable into such tangible terms so puny human minds could even start to conceptualise what That might be...   And in using MIND - MY-ND to egoically attempt to define, had lost the wonder of BEING.

"The Infinite" is not a MIND process... although you can reduce It to that, because afterall, It IS ALL !!  

So EVERYTHING... Whether it be manifest of unmanifest, is that which comes from Infinite Creator.

IT is ALL.

I'll let Anastasia speak now...

The following excerpts are taken from a dialogue between Vladimir Megre and Anastasia the Siberian recluse in Megre's 2nd Book of the Series entitled "The Ringing Cedars of Russia".  (pp. 57-58)

V:   ... Maybe He's not interested in listening to you...

A:   He is listening and He is answering.

V:   What is He answering?  Is there something new you know now?

A:   He has hinted and where to find the answer, where to search for it.

V:   He's 'hinted'? To you?! So, where is it?

A:   In the union of opposites.

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A:   ... It can only be known through the joint effort of the divine particles to be found in various people living on Earth - people with opposite modes of thinking and comprehension. Only through a joint effort it will be seen, and then in a dimension invisible to the eye - the domain of thoughts. One can also call it the dimension of the forces of light. It exists between the material world, in which Man lives, and God.

A:  I shall see it, and many others will too. 

     Then it will be easier to attain a Universal Conscious Awareness... 

V:  Specifically, right now, what do people need to do to make the answer appear?

A:  It would be fine if a lot of people could wake up in the morning at a set time - 6 o'clock say - and think of something good. What specifically they think about is not important. It is important that they come out with bright thoughts

 They can think about their children, their loved ones, about how to make everyone happy. If they could only think fifteen minutes like that. The more people that do that the quicker the answer will come

The Earth's time zones may be different since the Earth is turning, but the images created by these people's bright yearnings will merge into a single, clear, fulfilled image of conscious awareness. The simultaneity of bright thoughts will intensify each person's ability many, many times.

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