Thursday, 27 September 2012

For My Darling...

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the complete movie anywhere...
So here's some of the best clips I could find...  more or less in sequence of events  : )

 Harold and Maude Modern Trailer

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A daring, moving, dark classic of the 70's. Enjoy!

Harold and Maude (1971)   

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"Death-obsessed teen Harold Chasen (Bud Cort) is being hassled by his domineering mother (Vivian Pickles) to play the dating game, but he'd much rather attend funerals, which is where he meets the feisty Maude (Ruth Gordon), a geriatric widow who's high on life. The seemingly mismatched pair forms a bond that turns into a highly unconventional -- but ultimately satisfying -- romance in this comical cult favorite from director Hal Ashby."

Harold & Maude (trailer, 1971)

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Very unusual trailer for "Harold & Maude," riddled with spoilers and shots not used in the final film

Harold and Maude in 2 minutes

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Not the 'best bits' (if you want to see that, it will take roughly 83minutes) - Just a compilation of all the "HAROLD" and "MAUDE"s.



Harold & Maude: First Encounter

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Harold and Maude meeting the first time

Harold & Maude (& the Police Officer)

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My best friend said I had to watch the movie and I immediatly fell in love with it. I love it. And the music by Cat Stevens... beautiful

Harold and Maude

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A tribute to Harold and Maude's special relationship. 
The video could not be added directly here... please follow the above link.

" KISSES " by BENT feat. Edited HAROLD and MAUDE Visuals

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a Musik-Video-Montage by SurrealSamuiTV

Musik : BENT, " Kisses "
edited Visuals : HAROLD AND MAUDE


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No description available.

Did you notice the POW tattoo on her wrist ???  Great life comes out of great hardship...

Harold & Maude The End

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The sad end of a beautiful movie with a great Cat Steven's song "Trouble".

I love you  Xxxx

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