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This is the experience of a team of 'scientists' and militia personnel who ventured into the taiga near Anastasia's Glade in 1997, as told by one of the Siberian guides who took them to that location.  The guide who was a local resident of the region, had been lied to as to the purpose of the expedition.

The following is quoted directly from "The Space of Love", Book 3 of "The Ringing Cedars of Russia Series" by Vladimir Megre (1998), English Trans. (2005-2006), Leonid Sharashkin, pp57-64 (excerpts):

"Once the blue glow had weakened sufficiently to allow the brownish smoke to rise from the earth and it had enveloped us completely from head to toe, we found ourselves split into two halves...  The first was my body, enveloped in a transparent skin through which I could see all my internal organs - my heart, stomach, intestines, the blood rushing through my veins, along with various other organs.  The other part - invisible - consisted of my feelings, my emotions, my mind, my desires, my pain sensibility - in other words, everything about Man that you can't see."

"... our bodies began to act on their own, independently of our minds, wills, aspiration or desires.  We could observe the action of our bodies from an external viewpoint, yet our feeling and pain sensibilities remained with our invisible selves, and we were deprived of any ability to influence the action of our own bodies."

"... we felt and saw everything... All the transparent bodies standing in our group suddenly trotted down, like a herd of sheep, to a pond formed by the creek. // The pond resembled a little lake, the water in it was clear and transparent, the bottom was covered with soft sand and beautiful stones. Tiny fish were swimming in it.  Our bodies ran down to this splended little lake and started splashing around in it.  They started urinating and defecating in it.
"The water became dirty and clouded, yet our bodies began drinking from it.  I saw the dirty, stinking liquid flow through my intestines and into my stomach.  I was overcome with a sensation of nausea and revulsion.
"Then under one of the trees by the pond all at once appeared the naked bodies of two women.  Their skin was just as transparent as that of our bodies.
"The women's bodies lay down on the grass under the tree lolling about and stretching out in the warm sunshine.  My body and that of the security captain ran over to the woman's bodies. 
"My body began stroking one of the women's bodies, it felt a responding caress and entered into sexual intercourse with the woman's body.  The security captain's approach was not reciprocated and his body started raping the woman.  Then one of the guards came running over and started hitting first my spine and then my head with a rock, but it was I, and not my body, that felt excruciating pain.  The guard dragged my body away from the woman's and started raping her himself.
"Our bodies soon began to grow old and decrepit.  It was as though time was accelerating everything. The woman that had just been raped now became pregnant, and throught her transparent skin you could see the embryo taking form and enlarging itself in the womb.
"The body of the scientist...  went over to the pregnant woman, and spent some time peering attentively through her transparent sking at the developing embryo.  Then all of a sudden he slipped his hand into the woman's vagina, and began wrenching out the foetus.
"In the meantime, Stanislav's body was quickly collecting rocks into a pile, then wildly breaking off small trees and using them, along with other materials he found handy, to construct somthing resembling a cabin.  My body went over to help.  When the cabin was just about finished, my body tried to kick Stanislav's body out of the cabin; he resisted and our bodies started fighting with each other.
"Even though I myself was invisible, I could still feel terrible pain when he started hitting the legs and head of my body.  Our fight caught the attention of the other bodies, and they shoved us both out of the cabin, and then started fighting for it amongst themselves.  My body became terribly frail and began decomposing before my very eyes.  it could no longer walk, and just lay there under a bush, wasting away with a nauseating stench.  Worms appeared on my body, and I could feel them crawling all over me, creeping into my internal organs and eating away at them. I acutely felt them gnawing away at my insides, and awaited the final decomposition of my body to escape from this excruciating torture.  
"Then all at once a foetus emerged from the second woman that had been raped.  It began to grow right before my eyes.  Soon the little fellow stood up and took its first timid step, then another, then it staggered and fell on its bottom.  I could feel a painful sensation as it landed, and I realised to my horror that this was my new body and it was doomed to survive - to exist among these abinable, brainless bodies, which were desecrating themselves and evertything around.
"I realised that I, who was invisible, would never die and that I was condemned to eternal contemplation and an acute awareness of the nastiness of everything that was going on, experiencing physical and even more terrible pain.
"The same thing was happening with the other bodies.  They decayed, decomposed and were born again and with each new birth our bodies simply switched roles.
"There was hardly any vegetation left around.  In its place ugly structures had appeared, and the once pristine pond had been transformed into a stinking cesspool."

"... But doesn't it seem to you, Vladimir, that the situation were were in is an exact copy of what mankind is doing today?  What we were shown in a microcosm and at an accelerated speed only reflects what's going on today in the world."

"... Maybe someone's just taking pity on us, not letting us become fully aware of what we have done and are continuing to do.  After all, if we were aware of it, if we could see our lives from an external viewpoint, we'd see them exposed, along with all the false teaching which we've used through the ages to justify what we are doing.  We wouldn't last, we'd go out of our minds!
"We try to put on a decent front, we try to justify the evil we do by our own so-called 'insurmountable weaknesses'.  We couldn't resist temptation... committed murder, then we started going to war to defend some sort of ideals.  We started setting off bombs.
"We are weak...  We say there are higher power - they can do everything, they decide everything.  But as for us?  We hide behind dogmas like that and feel we can get away with any kind of filth we like.
"And let's face it, what we do is filth.  We all do it, every one of us, only we justify it to ourselves if different ways.  But now it is absolutely clear that, as long as my consciousness has not lost its control over my body, I and I alone must take personal responsibility for all its actions..."

"... We could never have been able to come out of it all on our own.  It was something we were to go on reliving forever.  At least that was the impression each of us had.
"Anastasia appeared... Her skin wasn't transparent...  she dropped to her knees, covered her face with her hands, and you could see the hair trembling on her shoulders.  Anastasia was crying...
"And almost immediately the bluish glow reappeared...  It drove the brownish smoke of our hell into the ground and reunited our bodies and our minds...  Anastasia [said]...
" 'Thank You.  You are kind.  Thank You for Your mercy and Your love.  The people will understand, they will most certainly understand everything, they will understand it in their hearts.  Do not ever take Your beautiful blue light from the Earth, Your light of love.' "






  1. A comment in relation to the David Wilcock - Drake video posted on 11 May 2012:

    When Drake made that comment, my ears pricked up as well, as being incongruous to the tone of the rest of the conversation. I immediately thought, "Ah yes... That's the old 'war horse' coming out in you Drake." If Drake's a Vietnam veteran as he says he was, who had a command (officer rank at the latest in 1975), he would have to be 55 years old at the youngest... so is still a product of his generation that may very well say, "let's tar, feather and string the criminal up in the highest tree". He's from New Orleans where I think a slightly different 'justice system' operated in his youth in the 1950's. Personally, I didn't 'feel' anything of intent in Drake's comments. But I tend to agree with his 'prophecy', which in fact may serve as a 'warning' for people to keep their good sense. There may very well be "executions" :-/ as there will be a lot of very angry people around when the hidden agenda and actual activities of The Cabal come into the light. Remember also that every US citizen has a right to own and bear arms (not so in NZ and most of Europe I suspect) so there may be a different mentality at play here. All we can do (I think) is to 'vision' that people in the US remain level-headed and for us to envision and 'see' Peace reigning in those days and for a spirit of Emotional Non-Investment (non-attachment) to prevail. I envision this now... along with whoever is reading this post... or feeling the vibrations from it.

    Yes, I remember clearly the passage you refer to... My impression was that Anastasia never did anything herself, per se, to the men who had come to find her and take her back to Novosibirsk or Moscow... It was simply the Source Field bringing to them the experience of what underlied their "unconscious" need to entrap Anastasia, ie: generations of people procreating unconsciously, living unconsciously, destroying the environment unconsciously, killing each other unconsciously, drinking shit and poisonous contaminants in the waterways, unconsciously... The 'natural' consequence of such blindness within them was to seek, to entrap, to have hidden agenda... (like so many of unconscious humanity) ... To behave unconsciously in their 'needs' (poss. out of a 'power over' mentality) and 'motivations' (poss. to make some money), to bring Anastasia in.

    The following is quoted directly from "The Space of Love", Book 3 (First Ed.) of "The Ringing Cedars of Russia Series" by Vladimir Megre (1998), English Trans. (2005-2006), Leonid Sharashkin, pp57-64 (excerpts):

    "And let's face it, what we do is filth. We all do it, every one of us, only we justify it to ourselves if different ways. But now it is absolutely clear that, as long as my consciousness has not lost its control over my body, I and I alone must take personal responsibility for all its actions... We could never have been able to come out of it all on our own. It was something we were to go on reliving forever. At least that was the impression each of us had.

    "Anastasia appeared... Her skin wasn't transparent... she dropped to her knees, covered her face with her hands, and you could see the hair trembling on her shoulders. Anastasia was crying... And almost immediately the bluish glow reappeared... It drove the brownish smoke of our hell into the ground and reunited our bodies and our minds... "

  2. Personally, I don't think Anastasia did anything... I think she just held Energy coming through from Source Field. These men were simply given the experience of "seeing who they really are". And "Who they really are" terrified them, themselves. I think this may very well work out the same for members of The Cabal ... that The Truth of "Who they really are" may be punishment enough. Some may commit suicide (evidence/ reporting of this is happening even now) or individuals may seek earnestly for the redemption of their Soul-Being and authentically reach for deep, profound healing from many, many past lives of committing genocide throughout the history of the world since c. 10,000 BC. (the end of the last ice age when the conflagration of water came upon the earth... and prior to the dispersal of the tribes after the great tower of Babel was built c.2300 BC).

    Anastasia said also that the High Priest has been incarnated into many, many lifetimes since... and therefore I would think that it's quite likely that the Priests who served with the original High Priest have also been incarnated in the same way. My feeling is that it will not be the 'responsibility' or place of any human to mete out either punishment or to declare innocence and redemption of any of The Cabal... who may indeed, any of them, be the reincarnations of this original Priesthood. I think all we need to do is continue to Awaken and to stand in One, open to the higher Energies of Love and Light, and allow the Source Field (without human interference) to complete whatever work needs to be done to liberate our world completely from the scourge of these evil men... Yes, EVIL men. I don't take the word back. This may come in the form of enlightenment and redemption... or it may come in the form of complete soul extinction. I don't think that 'judgement' will be for humanity to make.

    Sorry to speak so seriously on the subject from my heart. This is my feeling on the subject of "executions". I am in service. When the time comes, I step back and allow what needs to be done, to Be Done. In this respect, I probably align with Drake. If certain things need to happen, then they will certainly happen.


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