Tuesday 17 June 2014

A discussion of "The Empire"

The following discussion started on Facebook after the above photo was posted ~

ES:  Empires have always fell down boom. But this time around, we must assure ourselves that the people controlling this one do not get a "leading" place in the next culture forming.

SJ:  And we have to stop propping up the system... it is literally perpetuated by our participation. Turn off the boob tube, radio, and seal up the rabbit hole. Start building communities of people you resonate with. Withdraw your energy to the best of your ability and start it now. This system doesn't have much time left.... let's hasten it's demise.

Bronny NZ:   That's right KB. Thanks for this post. Hi ES. I'll add a couple of links below and after checking them out, you might like to re-visit your idea that the Empire ever fell at all.

Have you ever wondered why Americans can utter words like "Empire" and "state" and "building" in one sentence and still never join the dots? Hell... even Wiki says the old nickname for New York was the Empire State. Really? And why the hell is that, I wonder? What IS the "Empire State?" Could that be the City State of Rome... Which IS The Empire - The Vatican that is...

And why are American MPs called "senators", unlike any other country in the world except for during the Roman Empire?

And why do the US Senators go to Capitol Hill, whose equivalent is Capitoline Hill in Rome?

And why is there a Mary Land and a Virgin -ia?

And why was a part of old Washington DC actually CALLED "Rome"?

Open your eyes and see...


File:L'Enfant plan.jpg

Has anyone ever noticed how DC looks like a uterus whose blood-floe is not only the Potomac River, is also the blood of 100's of 1,000's of men of European descent all dying in wars for her and paying her taxes?  It's the womb of the Virgin, of course.  The Mother of God.  And who is the Pope?  The Pope is God...  In Catholic eyes that is...  In just the same way that JC, Julius Caesar, and Nero, and Tutankhamun WAS God.  These are all branches of the same vine.


The Germanic tribes of Europe could no longer protect the Vatican. Napoleon's armies swept through Europe like a cleansing fire in the early 19th century, and Rome looked on incredulously. What to do next? Of course - Move the center of military power from Germany to North America... Have a few (civil) wars to get the newly migrated populations there desensitized to warring... And to build up a culture of shame for any American to NOT picking up a gun. It would become a matter of "Civil Liberty". And there they have you... by the short and curlies. As Shelley says above, the way to "unplug" is to give the machine our energy no more. And this may include being branded as a "yellow belly". But we HAVE to unplug. Totally. You've got it  : )


Perhaps a document like this will take on a new light now that you've read my comments above...

I found a very interesting document on John J. (Jakob) Raskob.  I've only scanned the first few pages, but I think he's a person of interest... and in time, this good Catholic gets caught up with the Empires State building.


This looks like an amazing discussion.
I wonder if either Nicole Terry or Rebekah Sutherland are still alive?

Nicole Terry
Britain Owns US/ Pope Owns and Controls Britain
Wed Feb 2, 2005 06:23
Britain Owns US/ Pope Owns and Controls Britain

From Nicole Terry | noslavery@aol.com 


Please remember also... The Egyptians made a golden calf.  What is it that stands outside the New York Stock Exchange now?  It's just grown up and become tougher, that's all.  These are all examples of more branches from the same vine...

Here's some searches I followed:

Empire State building >  Empire State Realty Trust >

State of Incorporation -  Mary Land

This is how Empire State's chairman Peter Malkin rolls...    August 9, 2013

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    1) The only thing of value we have is human labour
    2) Much human labour does not receive a gold payment in reward
    3) Gold only serves those who would use human labour as a commodity


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