Thursday 2 April 2015

"Ding Dong" the Witch is DEAD ?? VIGILANCE for Re-Inventions please !!

Hi everybody...  

The trojan horse and cookie-riddled website "hampsteadchristchurch" that had been set up by FBI INFORMANT "Christine Ann Sands" (bogus name) has been moth-balled !!!

It's gone !!!

"Christine Ann Sands" (bogus name) has completely SHOWN us Who She Is.  She doesn't give a rat's arse about #WhistleblowerKids.  She's all about "Christine Ann Sands" and the information she can SELL to the FBI and other alphabet agencies.


"Sands" will undoubtedly have another crack at us somewhere along the line. Please keep UP YOUR VIGILANCE !!!  She's a frickin' tryer !!  They MUST be paying her well !!!  I've just pre-viewed the first 5 seconds of a new video she says she will to put up. It's currently on one of her Facebook timelines.

It's just a horrible fucking propaganda piece - VERY MUCH AGAINST Ella and Abe !!!  

- showing her TRUE colours again !!!


By the time you get to see it on YouTube, it will be full of cookies and trojan horses that will attach to your pc - to track you, to find out where you're going and who your associates are.

This Facebook version of the video comes up in full screen, embedded. It opens in a completely new tab.  This is not "normal". I've never seen this before on Facebook.

"Christine Ann Sands" (bogus name) has got some very Tech Savvy people at her disposal for setting up the shit she produces.  It may even be FBI and at the least, it will be ZIONIST-paid techies INSIDE Fb itself !!!  It could even be techies from Langley Virginia who Fb ALLOWS into their system to set up such projects for Mind Kontrol of the Sheeple.

Oh yeah...  Fb is FULL of Mossad who are ALLOWED by Fb to do their SHIT in there... I've seen them with my own eyes doing it !!  The PEDOS have Free Fucking Reign in there, as we all know.  So why not FED agents working directly INSIDE Fb ??  They have to herd 1.3 billion Sheep somehow, right?

I actually doubt this particular video production of anti-Ella and Abe was put out by "CAS" herself.  She doesn't have that level of skill IT skill. I've seen her own level of ability. It's pretty shabby.  The video on the other hand is pretty slick-looking...  but it's FULL OF SHIT none the less.  Totally NOT worth looking at it, just to have these phony Masked up "persons", paid off hands of the Black Babylonian Magicians, following your every key stroke !!

- I was out of there as soon as I realised what the technology was !!!

Don't even bother with her.


Welcome to:
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In summary:  Brainless clown. Silly bitch getting paid off by the Talmud-reading baby-fuckers.  Yes...  You're that fucking transparent "Christine Ann Sands" (bogus name) Mind Kontrolled shill. You think you're "all that", but you're just a sick joke !!  BEGONE you WHORE !!!


  1. Still there mate:

    1. Yup. "Re-inventions". All the original branding has been taken off the website. The primary reason why she re-opened the website was to put up her scathing belittlement of Ella and Gabriel. ALL of my intuitions say: DO NOT GO TO THAT WEBSITE - Anonymous have already warned us it's FULL of cookies and trojan horses. And EVERYTHING in me screams DO NOT watch that video. I think the same will be true of the vid. It's simply there to track you so "CAS" can get as much info off your hard drive about you as she can, and SELL it back to the FED.

    2. Hello Bron..good comments

  2. Yet Belinda is still behind her? Not seeing it yet?

    1. No idea. I haven't wanted to get into it beyond making these public announcements available to people.

  3. It appears CAS and the Indian lady Neelu have gotten themselves arrested.


  4. The latest video that is posted in the comments section has an interesting conversation from a man that is schooling the police in matters of Common Law. This must have been somewhere around the time CAS was arrested. Sabine is trying to reassure everyone that it was only a questioning, why would there be a bail if there was no arrest? Noone is really even completely sure anyone was arrested either so there is that... only corroboration is the site listed above. Gonna have to see what develops.



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