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SES Senior Executive Service - Field McConnell of Abel Danger. April 8, 2018

The Senior Executive Service (SES) is the "deep state". Members of the SES are the "enemy within".

Members of the SES are found in all branches of the US administration. Their modus operandi often runs in direct opposition to the elected president (as we see happening right now), against the Constitution and against The People. SES members serve "somebody" and "something" else. Because of the allure of money and high status positions, they sell out the US Constitution, the POTUS of the day, and The People.

They make big money in return for selling out. 

For personal gain, for personal enrichment, these people of no character or integrity sell the USA, her wealth of natural resources, her military might, her people's private intellectual property, the labor of her workers and their missing children, to the highest bidders. This is how deep the pit of depravity runs for the SES. They are no friends of America - that's for sure!

In his interview with Douglas Gabriel of American Intelligence Media, Abel Danger's Field McConnell gives the examples of FEMA and the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). He points out how so many of these agencies actually provide the opposite of what their names state. FEMA creates emergencies, McConnell says, and the NCMEC trafficks children and exploits their human rights.

McConnell points out how operations run within Homeland Security. The huge international British company that nobody knows the name of, "Serco", runs parts of Homeland Security. Immigration policies and citizen-ship criteria for the USA have been handed over to a foreign company! A foreign company gets decision-making powers over what the processes and entry criteria are for immigrants applying to get into the USA. Did you know about this?

This is a very straight-forward example of how the SES has come to manipulate so many agencies within the USA. Because of the power held by these SES members at the top of American governmental agencies, outside influences are able to corrupt and manipulate any-which-way they want to.

The protective network that surrounds SES members means they can, and have done up until now, act with impunity - no law can touch them. In the Justice Department with so many high-ranked positions filled by SES members, why would they convict their SES peers? A conviction for one could likely lead to the opening of the SES Pandora's Box. So they all hide...

They hide each other, tell lies for each other, keep their lip buttoned and tell nothing about the terrible things that they do - treason, bribery, money laundering, racketeering, they collude with America's international enemies, they engage and operate human trafficking networks, they cut back-room deals for themselves and other SES peers without thought of morality, ethics or consequence. There have been none.

SES members at the heads of their organizations think nothing of endangering the people of the USA, nor their property. There is no conscience. As the adage goes: "You know when they are lying because their lips are moving." They are a direct "threat to national security", purely because of their presence in organizations they have been appointed to and made directors of - The "enemy within".

There is nothing it seems that these people won't do for their own personal profit and gain.


- by BronnyNZ
Journalist. Historian. International commentator.
Hamilton, New Zealand

American Intelligence Media - Published on April 8, 2018

In this revealing discussion between Field McConnell and Douglas Gabriel, Field announces that “SES is dead in the water.” Join Douglas and Field www.abeldanger.org as they plan to take down the next target – SERCO. Then move to the next level of corruption – the Crown Agent.

Get on board, patriots. We have a world to save and no time to wait. 

Learn about Senior Executive Service: 

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Other references:

SES "Plum Books" are produced every four years that contain all the names, positions and pay rates of all SES members. It's a legal requirement that this information gets published every four years, otherwise they wouldn't publish. https://patriots4truth.org/2018/03/17/research-tools-for-digital-truth-sleuths/

Part 1. Senior Executive Service (SES)  - Interview March 21, 2018

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