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9/11 INDICTMENTS NEVADA. December 22, 2017: Bush GW, Bush GHW, Cheney R (Dick), Brennan J, Ashcroft J, Mueller R, Obama B, McCain J, Wolfowitz P, Pearl R, Monk P, Rice C, Soros G, Kerry J, Clinton H. The hangings are coming...

Video: Huge Indictments Over 9/11! Tom Heneghan

Glenn Canady Published on Dec 26, 2017

Tom Heneghan goes over HUGE news concerning indictments over 9/11! G.W. Bush, H.W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Barack Obama, and many more have been indicted! Share this on ALL alternative media that isn't controlled opposition!

INDICTMENTS RELATING TO 9/11 - Published December 26, 2017.  
Excerpts from the article on "Before It's News"

"In the United States district court for the northern district of Nevada there has been criminal action against those involved in the 9/11 black op attack on the United States by the deep state.

"The following people are being named in the criminal indictments! 

> former illegal President George W. Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush, Richard Cheney, John Brennan, John Ashcroft, Robert Mueller, Barack Obama, John McCain, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Pearl, Peter Monk, Condeleza Rice, George Soros, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and others!

Here are some other highlights!

>> Barack Obama and John Brennan gave nukes to North Korea!
>> US Marines are guarding Trump everywhere.
>> The assets of the Bush Clinton crime syndicate are being frozen around the world!

"It’s very obvious now that Alex Jones serves the deep state who put Leo Wanta in a dungeon for years and stole our money!!!"

Yesterday (December 25, 2017) is a day that will live in infamy forever. 

"You should take note of the fact that we have now publicly indicted GEORGE SOROS, PETER MUNK, GEORGE W.BUSH, JOHN BRENANN, JOHN MCCAIN and many more including HILLARY CLINTON for the commission of capital treason when it comes to the attacks done on America the date of September 11, 2001." - on Before It's News.

[Many links on Before Its News]

"This is official, however for obvious reasons the courts or actions where these are ongoing will not be disclosed right now. One of them where this evidence is now on record is the high court of Nevada, as it relates directly to Uranium One and the role of that entity in the black-op attacks against America."

Here is the court filing dated December 22, 2017 > 

Omg !! It's ALL there !!!

"GEORGE SOROS is about to have more problems than he imagined with numerous state felony charges swarming against him in various federal state and official district courts.

"H.W. Bush, George W. Bush and Edgar Bronfman will be taken down quickly. This will make this official traitor to the nation George Soros be on the run, wishing for a day where he never dreamt up the 9-11 attacks in a backwater station outside Switzerland."


What have I been harping on about for the last fortnight >> SWITZERLAND !!! #SwissPharaoahs If you haven't watched chatzefratz's videos yet (2012) it's high time you set aside three hours to watch his first 3 videos in this series! >

The Pharaoh Show; Alien Predators in Human Appearance - Swiss Secret Symbols in Switzerland

 Published by chatzefratz on Feb 19, 2012

THESE ARE OUR OWNERS !!! These are the people who Trump has come to TEAR DOWN. Ladies and gentlemen... The world is NEVER going to be the same again !! I am not kidding!

Article on OAAN: "Hillary Clinton, DNC Accused Of Money Laundering In New FEC Complaint." Published December 20, 2017.

Source: Before It's News

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