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Kaitiaki Sovereign BE'ings in Aotearoa-New Zeland

Co-creation of 80-100 Kins Domains (family properties) within a single 300 acre village.

Each village will be built on an area of land 300 acres or thereabouts, and will consist of around one hundred domains, each consisting of families, groups, couples or individuals. Each of the plots available will be approximately 2.5 acres. People will select the plot which seems to resonate in harmony with their BE'ing, and as they Will, and after discussion with the wider community. This arrangement allows for 50 acres to be set aside for Common Use ~ renewable timber forest, grain crops, communal leisure & entertainment spaces (village hall), trading posts and shops, school buildings, postal service, and so on.

People will figure out again how they can feel happy, healthy and supported, from the Land. Crime rates drop. Mental health dysfunction drops. Disease drops. Homelessness drops. Abandoned and abused child rates drop. Old people come out of their 'Retirement' Homes and return to their whanau, taking up caring for and entertaining the children and tending their gardens once more, increasing life-force, vitality and longevity.

There will be little need for a "Ministry of Social Development" (welfare) because we will all be encouraged to meet those needs ourselves, personally, as may exist within the village. The current 'culture' we have in this country of dislocated, and wandering/ nomadic people will cease when The People are gifted their Kins Domain, into perpetuity, which will remain a gift to their descendants after them.

This dream is the salvation of the entire world, as originally visualised prior to 1996 by "Anastasia", the Siberian mystic and prophet. The People will become once again, rooted in the earth which is all of our inheritance... Freely. The People will find again the spiritual connection, this wairua through working the land of our ancestors, whose voices call out to us from the land. The One People will find True Heart and True Home. The wandering will come to an end. The One People are at the very cusp of finding their True home... at home on Papatuanuku, our Mother.

The ideas developed to write this post are drawn primarily from:
"The Ringing Cedars of Russia Series", Book 3: The Space of Love by Vladimir Megre (2004), Chapter 21

If you think this way of living is just a 'beautiful dream', think again. People around the world live this way already... and many more People will live this way as 'the Value' is released to us : )

Anastasia Kins Domains, Organic Eco and Sustainable Profit Sharing Commun

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by Anastasia Kins Domains
Anastasia Kins Domains, Organic Eco and Sustainable Profit Sharing Communities include Businesses and Profit SHARING to Supplement Retirement Income. We are a GREEN Profit SHARING Community. We offer Financing, and Complimentary Site Visits

EcoVillage Pioneers (movie trailer)
Uploaded on Oct 9, 2007
Exploring wonderful and beautiful environmental places to live. Inexpensive ecohome made from oak, cobwood and recycled window walls, straw-insulated turf roof, with solar power for electricity, compost toilet and reed beds for grey water.

Anastasia Returns Part 1

Uploaded on Aug 25, 2011

An Astonishing Story of Enlightenment--from the Ringing Cedars
Find out how to create a new world,

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