Friday 14 August 2015

McKenzie "Friends" ploy: Giving Ella direction for MAXIMUM HARM !!

BronnyNZ:  This communication was received on Wed July 29, 2015 from Ella and Abe who said:  "The following email is a from a fellow named Drifloud in response to an email from Belinda to Ella, encouraging Ella to return to the UK."

ewing and friends
Belinda McKenzie, Terence Ewing, and Sabine McNeill

To:  Belinda McKenzie
From: Drifloud

Date:  July 28th 2015

I received your latest email  to Ella and have been asked by Ella to comment on it. After reading, I first thought it must be some kind of practical joke from you - actually. I’m still not sure it isn’t.  In short, your letter to Ella can be summed up in one word: DESPERATION. But I have commented on what you have written, in order to highlight the “ideas” you wish to convey, paragraph, by paragraph:


McKenzie:  “It has been suggested that to stop Mrs P [Justice Pauffley] handing your children to Ricky which seems to be the plan something dramatic needs to happen.”

Drifloud:  Nothing like trying to rekindle the fear with: “Mrs P handing your children to Ricky” as an opener, is there?  - what a positive inspiration you are!  Now, if you dare to look around you Belinda, you’ll notice The Cult’s plans are being laid waste by THE TRUTH - which is plenty dramatic. And “Mrs P” needs to realise she has a very, very limited window of opportunity now, to stand down from her ridiculous pose as someone who has any credibility, or authority. And the same can be said for YOU.


McKenzie:  “The only thing that will stop this horrible outcome is for you to come back to UK. Sabine has said she will also come back on the same day if you would, to ‘double’ the dramatic impact.”

Drifloud:  So, ALL potential possibilities are reduced to YOUR one and “only thing that will stop this horrible outcome”, which is for Ella to come back to the UK, for a tearful reunion with Kurjo the “inadvertent” video-leaker. Just that alone is enough of a “horrible outcome”. Do we need to go any further?  - Oh dear, yes, I see we do:


McKenzie:  “I can guarantee by now that you will have maximum publicity & support and the protection of a group of MPs passionate about this cause AND THEY ARE ALSO PASSIONATE ABOUT HEMP/CANNABIS and having a campaign within Parliament to get it legalised; a top mainstream journalist is going to cover the event/story. etc.”

Drifloud: “... guarantee... maximum publicity & support and the protection of a group of MPs passionate about this cause”?

D:  Let me guess the max-publicity headlines, Daily Mail: “Evil Mum & Boyfriend Nabbed by Police at Airport Trying to Sneak Back Into UK.”

D:  Meanwhile: “Group of  MPs Call for Tougher Sentencing of Parents Who Coach Kids in Tales of Abuse”, reports top “Ham and High” (Cult) journalist.

D:  “Parliament Votes to Restrict Hemp-Seed Production to Government Approved Producers."


Belinda McKenzie: "You really are going to have to try to get your head round the FACT that your beloved Parli-a-ment (talking to the mind), Propaganda and Legal System are finished - such atavistic  iniquity cannot be allowed to continue... The day for this ‘operation’ should be Monday 3rd August, the day before the Appeal on 4th then on 6th the 4-day Final Hearing begins. Even if you are on remand in police custody they would have to bring you to the court for these hearings.”

Drifloud:  Operation “Bird in Hand”? Hey Ella, stop “dragging your feet” and go for the “remand in police custody” deal! That way you lose your freedom, get abused yourself - possibly even suicided - and you’ll also get the chance to relinquish your power that you are using to great effect fighting for your children’s release.  BUT, by subjecting yourself to all this, you will... er...  GAIN THE MORAL HIGH GROUND! And looks like trusty Belinda’s got all the dates ticked off, so where’s the problem? - come on, what are you waiting for?!!


McKenzie:  “This is of course absolutely not what the cult want at this stage, it is going to make life very difficult for them indeed! It could be the turning-point and blow the whole thing open.”

Drifloud:  It appears , Belinda dear, that the Cult “absolutely don’t want” how you’ve bungled things so far in this cover-up. Your arse - along with Kurjo’s - is obviously very much on the line here. The Cult have made it quite clear, via their/your local rag, “Ham & High” - and it really is a bum-wiper, isn’t it?

D:  - that they’re prepared to cut you and Kurjo adrift (or worse) if you don’t quickly gain control of a situation that is ALREADY blown wide open. Wouldn’t like to be on your ship, Captain McKenzie. My advice to you, is to get yourself safely locked up by GENUINE policewomen/men (you can find a list of these filed under “Potential Trouble-Makers” in your boss’s office at MI5 HQ) and confess all - it’s good for the soul apparently.


McKenzie:  “While you have cast a cloud over my credibility and integrity I should tell you there are not a few on the internet questioning your apparent lack of concern for your children and that you are sitting out there in the sun with your lover rather than coming back to fight for them. This action will shut all those critical people up.”

Drifloud:  Okay, a cliché, but the truth all the same: You do not need ANY help from Ella to “cast a cloud over your credibility and integrity” - you are doing a great job of that ALL BY YOURSELF.

D:  And it’s already common knowledge that there are plenty of Tavistock/ MI5/ Mossad-trained disinfo spooks (you know, YOUR CROWD) on the internet, trolling away like mad, questioning Ella’s concern for her children, and vainly trying to stop any gusts of TRUTH flattening their filthy house of cards...  By the way, what’s Tavi-Jacqui-sickened Power- Disney up to at the moment?

D:  "Sun and lover" - are these two things that never touch you?
Is this jealousy, perhaps?

D:  And as for silencing critics: that is one of YOUR - The Cult’s - main preoccupations. Those who stand in TRUTH and LOVE have no need to defend their actions.


McKenzie:  “Please let me know if you are willing to consider this plan and we can start getting everyone geared up and ready for action. We have become a much stronger and more numerous movement by now.”

Drifloud:  “everyone” = CAFCASS/ Tavistock/ SS/ MI5/ Mossad/ Cult.

D:  Are you in any way aware that you are walking around outed as a Cult Protector?  - a Forked-Tongue, Double-Speak agent?  Do you not know that it’s been reported you run a charity for “abused children”, “The Knight Foundation”, that IS NOT an actual charity for abused children? - and that the donations it receives are sent to your other “charity” - running partner, the “abused children” that is Kurjo the Komputer Kontroller? McNeill the Multi-Blogger, who relies on charitable donations to... to do what exactly?

D:  Is Mind-Kontrol a 24/7 occupation with you, or are you allowed holidays? Is it possible you have been left mind-kontrolled at ultra-high level 9+ - or did you accidentally MK yourself when looking in the mirror - and “your handler” has forgotten the trigger-word to bring you down to a more plausible level of bullshitting? Are you capable of actually conceptualising THE TRUTH? Sorry, silly question….

Please get well soon,
from a conscious living being,

July 28th 2015


  1. Have you researched Mr Ewing?

    1. Nope... I haven't. But I suspect YOU have.
      Go ahead... Lay it on us. Cheers!


  2. True, Belinda's advices here to Ella are bad advices.

    1. Thank you for seeing that Sefira. There was a whole group of people who were saying that Ella should return to the UK all through July 2015. They were very hard work and very judgemental of Ella staying out of the country. It seems they were blinded to the FACTS. These facts are now pointed out in this article. I'm so very pleased now to hear that people at last are "SEEING" : ) Thank you for confirming this Safira !! : )


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