Saturday, 23 May 2015

SCAM ARTISTS !!! US government, US military, US bankers, US media

Don't be taken in by the scams !!!!

The caption that WASHINGTON POST put out with this image is: "Islamic State burned a woman alive for not engaging in an ‘extreme’ sex act, U.N. official says..."

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Following is my response to this on Facebook:

I hope you know there's no such thing as "ISIS". It's a media construct to keep the sheeple in "shock". Please see my blog... Search >> ISIS, PMC, DynCorp, Senator Cynthia McKinney. Thanks.
Also check out this article to see the extent of the webs they weave for the people to gorge themselves on.
There's FOUR players in the subterfuge: governments (NATO & G20), militaries, bankers and the media. They're playing a game against the people called "the science of imagery". They construct bs. for you to beLIEve in, and then it becomes "true". They're using exactly the SAME tool to get you to beLIEve in Ebola, "terrorism", the "new world order"... etc, etc...  As soon as you get enough people beLIEving their bs. they pipe to us via TV primarily, "the science of imagery", it comes TO BE SO. It's a quantum field thing. 

WE are creating OUR REALITY all the time by what we send into the Field via our thoughts... through the IMAGERY WE beLIEve to be True !! Only WE can change this, by becoming VERY AWARE of WHAT the game is.  

.... besides which... Do you REALLY think the "Washington Post" will serve itself well by telling you the TRUTH ?? Of course not. They have an agenda to forward.... Namely, to make money off guns, war, armaments... They can ONLY achieve this IF they can create an agreeable public who will go to war... against these "so-called" atrocities being done by this "ISIS" that the US machine has itself created. Are you starting to see the picture yet? 
My next question is, does "ISIS" check out these "pretty young women" while they're still wearing balaclavas and black gloves? If they are, these perpetrators ARE 100% the US military contractor DynCorp, who are KNOWN traffickers, both in the Bosnian conflict (1998) AND in the middle eastern occupation currently being done by US and NATO allies!! THIS is who is REALLY to be held accountable. It is WE OURSELVES in the West who are the PERPETRATORS OF THESE CRIMES.

That's "Why, Why, Why". Are you clear now?

War is ONLY ever about MONEY !!  - never about putting wrongs to right... In just the same way that the "Just Us" system is ONLY ever about MONEY !! - and NEVER about putting wrongs to right. Both are a poxy scam, used to dupe the good little slaves of the world, and keep them working. Don't be duped by the scam!
Women are not innocent in the creation of WAR. Whoever puts their hand out for MONEY, regardless of what their occupation is, are in the business of CREATING WAR !! Money = War. It might just look like "a job" to you. If you are RECEIVING MONEY without conscience, YOU are a part of the problem !!!


  1. My Thoughts exactly. So hard to open the eyes of the conditioned sheep, but we just have to keep on trying


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