Tuesday 18 August 2015

Video Update August 17, 2015: Ella and Abe on "World Beyond Belief"

Hampstead Cover-up Update & The State of Pederasty in the UK - WBB156 extended version

Published on Aug 17, 2015

Ella and Abraham from the Hampstead cover up return to the World Beyond Belief to bring us up to date on the state of the custody of Ella’s children. As expected, we hear about a circus of redacted documents, controlled judiciary and refused appeals. This pod cast contains interesting information about the corruption of the mainstream culture by the Satanist cults and how meat, blood products and even grains contribute to the degeneration of society. A viable alternative is presented by describing how to disengage with the culture and become free from the influence of this control system. This pod cast although focusing on quite a tragic subject presents hope for the future of mankind.

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