Saturday 15 August 2015

Statement Re: "The International Tribunal for Natural Justice" Aug 15, 2015


Thank you variously for the kind messages, the blah-blah, the histrionics and the flat out BS issuing off some febrile blog-posts this week variously entitled: 'The ITNJ Dead On Arrival' etc..

Having just finished a raft of delightful calls with international case applicants, our Chief Justice and paralegal secretariat, international ITNJ chapters and core administrative team....I had to shake my own head in disbelief at the sheer banality of such threads on such a fine day.

To be sure: the ITNJ is neither dead nor thrashing about in the birth canal. It has been birthed with all fingers and toes intact, shed its umbilical, squawked a little here and there and is finding its feet on dry land. It will be undertaking exactly what it set out to do in accordance with its founding vision.

In the past couple of weeks almost twenty international chapters have been appointed. Initial hearings will be announced within a couple of weeks. The open-trials format will be beta tested within Q4 this year. Initial cases will be focused toward landmark hearings and trials in order to set the international tone and engage the eyes and ears of both grassroots and leadership.

Whilst challenging the legitimacy of corporations posturing as governments - we will yet be leading an effort to engage the international diplomatic community toward engendering a multilateral treaty, in order to establish practicable enforcement for ITNJ rulings in the days ahead.

If anyone has any better ideas, along with a comprehensive plan-of-action affixed and the means to deliver on that stratagem, I/we would welcome hearing them.

Conversely anyone interested in participating in this particular initiative toward the restoration of natural justice please feel free to get involved and be a part of a dynamic effort ( If not, try to self-reflect and resolve any failings, misgivings and fears you may harbor toward life, institutions, hierarchies, legacy programs the dignified sanctity of your own heart and not through railing against the good efforts of others via social-media.

A couple of the members of the initial ITNJ administrative team have left after a vote of no confidence in one of them, that is all. Another of them, a few days after writing a glowing and thankful letter to me, does a volte-face and vents a little blog-spleen with mistruths intended to injure. It is the kind of absent moral conduct which we invited to exit our ranks and are now gratefully witnessing. It is a function of egoism to thrash about in the vain search for relevancy when a plan misfires, therefore I do not believe any of this is important. Nor can any other voices which may come forward in the days ahead in preemptive judgement of the ITNJ matter....not a whit. What will matter is when and how the court conducts itself and carries rulings in the weeks ahead. That will be online - for the world to see. For you and I to attest to.

In interim, and in accordance with the core tenet of 'natural justice', neither I nor any of my volunteer colleagues will be naming names or pointing fingers and thereby manifestly causing injury to living men or women of this world.

This white-noise is also part of any normative evolutionary process with inflammatory initiatives like the ITNJ. It does not however, call for reductive hysteria or unbridled urges to torch the campus and derail all expectations, unless of course those expectations happen to be as shallow as initial pejorative and shameful criticisms leveled at the ITNJ.

The International Tribunal for Natural Justice intends as it ever intended - to manifest a tangible and practicable bridge between the old world and the new earth with respect to law and jurisprudence. It seeks to fashion the stepping stones for law professionals and those reasonable elements within the existing 'playing-field' to transition into a new planetary apparatus for delivering on natural justice. That does not include rounding up all judges, stomping on their wigs, destroying all extant infrastructures and assigning kangaroo courts via gun toting possies to round-up the 'establishment' and their agents with impunity. Nor does it mean handpicking jurors and training them up for court - thus debilitating the very foundation of any semblance of 'for the people and by the people'. The average human-being has a very keen instinct for right and wrong - it is called a conscience - and it is the bedrock of common-sense. THIS is what must be allowed to issue as the voice of reason and sovereign expression. Couple that with the open-trial format (e-governance) which the court is introducing this year across trials - and the true voice of 'the people' will palpably emerge through the an absolute science. This thankfully, will not be open to interpretation or the wheezings of cynical alternative-media 'journalists' or the tragicomic antics of one or two disenfranchised former colleagues.

The ITNJ means to engage any and all decent and concerned members of the international law fraternity in a considered process toward realignment and integration with the emerging high-ground of natural justice. A new judicial oath which supersedes all others is required from those members of the legal profession entering the ambit of the ITNJ courts. The obvious place to do that is within an ITNJ Bar Association (as opposed to any enigmatic {all caps} BAR Association). The ITNJ Bar Association gains recognition by the primary Bar Associations on earth, by virtue of the way in which we have set it up (congratulations should be in order here, not howls of derision). It is the perfect stepping stone for law professionals to enter our (open-trial) court and begin to re-purpose their professional lives and instincts.

Judges, barristers, lawyers, advocates, court officers, bailiffs and clerks are members of our human family....our fellow brother and sisters. Forget that - and we forget our own humanity.

The ITNJ will not sanction itself as another third-party agency foisting interceding agendas onto people of the world by forcing 'citizens grand juries' to deliberate on every legal infraction. Nor will it randomly appoint laymen as justices where such appointments would cause us to lose traction with the international diplomatic community and the world-at-large. Mob-rule must not supplant common-sense. Not every case needs to be brought before a citizen grand jury. The plaintiff can and must decide if they want a grand jury or if they prefer to simply 'delegate authority' to an appointed judge to hear and rule on any breach of contract. The 'citizen grand-jury' model is a welcomed option for plaintiffs to determine within the ITNJ at application stage - it is not however, a mandatory function of the court.
Sovereignty....duh! Wasn't that the whole point?

The ITNJ and its agents and officers will conduct themselves in a state of grace, with comportment in devotion to truth and plain decency. The court will default to an orientation of kindness and absolution wherever and whenever it is able. Anyone not in agreement with this metric may play upon another playing field or go and create their own. It's bloody hard work....and I wish them luck in advance.

There are those who 'act' and 'do' in this temporal veil...and there are those who do nothing but opine and judge the actions and doings of others. One position has standing in both this world and the next - the other position does not.

Thank you to all those contributing in thought and deed toward this unified effort to right the wrongs in an awakening world. Success or failure will depend upon the quality of our hearts and minds in attending to this noble task.

In grace - Sacha Stone

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  1. Any fool can find a way to disagree; the mastery is in finding agreement and unity, and it is the only path for our survival. <3

    1. Yes Chris... True to some extent. When people haven't done their own research on any given subject... IF they are going to friends and listening to other people rather than going to the Primary Source... IF they haven't got the intellectual capacity to read and think about the information they are finding... THEN, there is likely to be dis-Unity. There's a step that needs to come ahead of the Holy Grail of "Unity" though Chris... and that is to dig in and find one's own Personal Sovereignty !! This is NOT a paper process btw. but IS an energetic process, based on coming to UNDERSTAND what this world is. When one is Standing in Personal Sovereignty, then you will find others who Stand as you do... And then Unity is POSSIBLE... Because each party no longer hides behind the Mask of the "Legal Fiction" PERSONA - the Persona Ficta c.1240, Ref: Pope Innocent IV "Persona Ficta". When you KNOW What the GAME is, you're more likely to be able to be more CLEAR in your relationships with other people who ALSO KNOW What the GAME is.

    2. Please see these articles that hopefully will bring greater clarity on what it is to COME OUT of the FICTION and into One's Own Personal Sovereignty : ) Thanks.

    3. Please take a look at the Comments in this article that discusses at length, the
      Persona Ficta". Thanks !!


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