Saturday 8 August 2015

Spewing nasty shit all over the INTERNET. Why ?? Loose Unit ??




(see Ella in Comments)

SUBJECT: TM  (5 days ago)

Belinda Mckenzie's new spokesperson, currently staying at Belinda's house on the run from Irish authorities with her children said: 

"Abe did not sexually abuse these kids but he did physically, emotionally, and Pyscologigally abuse them wile Ella stood by and let him." TM  • 17h 17 hours ago

"Ella will never get her children back even if she came back. As for Abe if he puts foot on British soil he will go straight to prison.  He will be charged with the abuse of the kids and it's only when or if he got to trial."  TM • 18h

"That's why she will never get her kids back and she knows it. If they had of took them kids to the Russian Mafia when they recorded the videos and handed it over to them, then this just wouldn't be happening today." TM • 17h   [ !!!! ]   [my exclamations]  

"It was Abe who master minded all of this he thought he was being smart at that time."  TM • 17h
[Ffs !!]

"Little did he know he was digging all their graves but he very quickly found that out and that's why he has brain washed Ella.  In his selfish eyes, if he can't come back he will make sure she doesn't either. If Ella can't come back here alone and tell her story as well as, fk him right off and see it's his fault. She will never see her kids again. Then she deserves all she gets. But if she dares to come on radio stations to cry about it she will be sorry." TM • 17h ago

"Yes this is all true. He has brain washed her. u can see that she is a easy target thats why [rd] was with her ---------------------- If their mother had of took them to her own country with the videos and went to the Russian Mafia instead of listening to Abe, they would all still be together and the Russians would of dealt with d and his cult and Ella knows that." TM • 1h

And all's I can say to that is:

What a fuckin' uninformed little NUTTER !!

Go home and sort the shit out in your own nest... 

... you freaking little spinner !!


  1. What work HAS she done? I've just done some Google searches and I'm smelling FAKE PERSON here.
    An apparent Belfast homeless outreach group that only has a facebook page that was set up end of April this year and with no proper contact details?

    1. Thanks for that plumtious! You've gotten the ball rolling. Hopefully others will now be doing their own Searches to bring forward the Truth !! : ) Your assistance is much appreciated.

  2. Thhe first time I saw her name was on June 23, 2015 in relation to solicitor Ivan Geffen.!csa-rally-27-6-15/c4je

  3. I met her. She seems lovely and genuine in terms of wanting justice for children though yea this sounds like a drunken mistake of writing maybe???

    1. Noooo...noooo... nooo... Jake. The first time I picked her up spewing such vitriolic was in a Facebook conversation (if you can call it that) which sparked up over Ella needing to return to the UK... here:

      I didn't have to look very far to find more "shining examples" of her kicking up the dust in a manner unbecoming, and very reflective of the tactics used by our old FBI Informant mate, Christine Ann Sands :-/

      These are all just Babylonian Black Magician tactics to bring a sudden end to actions moving forward freely and effectively... Same as with the Christ Church vigils... A big loud-mouth turns up and suddenly makes it damn difficult to get any traction with sympathetic police and others in authority positions, as well as the general public.

      I'm sure Tracey IS nice... I've had a few very positive exchanges with her on Facebook. She just doesn't have the whole picture about reasons why Ella needs to STAY AWAY from the UK. And when I saw Tracey bad-mouthing Ella every which way between heaven and hell, that's when she crossed MY line... That's for sure !!


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