Monday 3 August 2015

The CHRIST SCANDAL by Tony Bushby. Excerpt: The Black Mass

Christ Scandal

Description of a bizarre church ritual given by a young girl name Florette who was tortured into confession in court in 1594 are dramatic and damning for the church. She subsequently pleaded guilty to participatin gin a Black Mass, a secret Christian tradition today [and] dismissed as unfounded speculation, and was jailed for her involvement. The Black Mass was a 'diabolical' inverted parody of the [Catholic] Christian Mass in which the priesthood held rituals over the body of naked women at the time of the full moon.  Young girls were made to strip and lie face down on a mock altar and the Mass was celebrated on their buttocks that were raised up upon a curious steel cradle. A vast quantity of ink has been spilled on the nature and purpose of these rituals and evidence suggests that the ceremony reversed the traditional Mass with blasphemy instead of piety, black vestments instead of white, prayers recited backwards, sex acts instead of chastity, and worship of Satan instead of God, and eating human flesh and drinking human blood.

One well-documented example took place in 1672 in France and during the reign of Louis XIV. It involved his mistress, Madame de Montespan and her most notable colleague, a 67-year-old priest the Abbe Guibourg. [The] mass included sacrificing a baby while simultaneously uttering incantation to two mythical demons, Astaroth and Asmodeus. The former, a foul-smelling figure, was supposed to have the talent for obtaining favours from people in high places; the latter demon was said to be capable of exterminating unwanted people.

Excerpt from  The Christ Scandal (pp.91-2) by Tony Bushby (2008)


This old drawing shows a Black Mass being conducted under a full moon. 
The priests are fully dressed, the ladies naked. 
A glass of wine stands on the buttocks of the lady on the altar. 

This drawing was intended as an illustration for Huysman's classic 
book La-Bas (1891), but the church banned its publication.  

- Tony Bushby (p.92) "The Christ Scandal" (2008)

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