Tuesday 18 August 2015

Visualisation for Ella Gareeva and her family... Join us in our VISION


This is our "Vision of Victory" for the Gareeva family. 

Our clear visualisation is to SEE and envision right now, this whole family group walking along the beach at sunset. This is the WHOLE family including Ella's children, her parents and Abraham.

They WILL be together... in the Safe Embrace and Loving Arms of their family members. ALL of them. No-one will be left behind. The LIGHT shines on them all to be safely returned to the Russian Motherland together!  This is what we put out there into the Universe NOW !!

- And so the process has begun... because this is the way it works through the "Science of Imagery" as taught to us by Anastasia the Vedrus.  Anastasia's metaphysic teachings of 1995 are backed up  in quantum physics - the holographic universe, the electric universe, fractals, wave forms and particles... In Russia, Anastasia the Siberian mystic is very well known. Her vision is for the world to become a Garden Paradise once more and for people to live in natural harmonious union with the Land and with each other.


Anastasia's vision has even influenced Vladimir Putin himself and decisions being taken in the Duma.

For example:

"The Russian Homestead Act" which was passed in January 2015, with Vladimir Putin's agreement.
I have no doubt whatsoever that Mr Putin has read the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" books. I feel in my heart he is a good man, contrary to the propaganda the western media spews out about him.


Brilliant things are happening on the Earth.

The Spirit is MOVING in the People !! 

::  Collective Consciousness  ::

::  100 Monkeys  ::

::  Critical Mass  ::

::  The Tipping Point  ::

We will never hear through "conventional means" about the Great Strides humanity is making to Free itself from the Kabbal-masters, because the news media is in the hands of those who do not want us to know that THEY ARE ALREADY DEFEATED !!  

- through Human Minds learning how to use the "Science of Imagery".


They are CUT OFF in their tracks !!

It's already been done in the etheric (the unmanifest, energetic realm). Humanity now just needs to Real Eyes all that is needed now, is to Manifest It - by LETTING GO of the Control System they have so utterly clung to up to this point, and to ALLOW this New Way of BEing, TO BE !! 

We are Debt Slaves no more !!

Our New Earth continues to be Manifested as more and more people wake up from their sleep.



  1. Ella Draper (Gareeva) and her child abusing boyfriend Abraham Christie beat and tortured the children. They then fled the UK to avoid arrest. Ella has abandoned the children and not seen them for a year now (Jan 2016).


    1. You live in delusion Ricky Dearman... And do you think we're idiots. We all know the UK press is Zionist owned, which means there is NO impetus towards telling the goyim (no-Jews/cattle) the truth about anything... The Babylonian Talmud-readers are told outright in the Talmud they don't need to tell the goyim (non-Jews) the truth, and are actually applauded for NOT doing so. Why should anyone beLIEve the telegraph...?? It's just another pack of phoney baloney so they (the Zionists) can keep on committing acts of sexual aggression against children... The Talmud says it's fine for an adult man to rip apart the vagina of a little girl aged 3 years and one day with his engorged penis. Child rape and homocide is absolutely fine according to the Talmud... so WHY would I or anyone else beLIEve what the Zionist-owned media are trying to pedal off to me as "the truth" ?? :(

  2. Great blog Bronny! The Gentiles are patient and patience is a virtue - the Vision of Victory will come to pass for all xx

  3. If not Christie, who did beat the children?

    The evidence is there in the medical report.

    Look at the evidence with a critical mind.


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