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"FEAR IS THE MIND KILLER". How to STAND in the face of Demonic Activity

Ex Satan Worshipper John Ramirez Testimony

Published October 29, 2014

An endorsement of this video by BronnyNZ

This phenomena is REAL. When I was 11, certain members of my immediate family allowed demonic entities to speak through their mouths. I was a witness to this stuff. It's True !!  So don't try to white-wash this video and say John is making shist up. He's not !!

Even after just 1 year of my being exposed to this level of demonic activity in my childhood home, I was nearly 40 before I could have a candle burning in my house and I would get jumped by anxiety attacks if I ever heard a Scottish accent.  This stuff really messes you up.

Pay attention !!  Watch now.

BE the OBSERVER !!  By Observing the multi-dimensional spaces that we live in with an open heart, and at face value... and by on-sharing these sorts of posts to your networks and Groups, we COLLECTIVELY break the bonds that tie us to this particular dimension. By Observing them and Knowing they are real, they progressively lose their power...  just by us SEEing Who and What they are.


And if you ever get frightening visitations in the middle of the night or at other times, please know you can use the Name of Jesus.  I don't know why this works, but it does.  Just repeat the name of "Jesus" over and over again in your mind and whispered on your lips if you ever get jumped. The masculine entity who breathed in my ear for around 10 minutes in the middle of the night when I was 14 years old, HAD to depart at the name of Jesus. I started going to church a few months before I turned 13. I was terrified as well you might imagine at such a visitation. The entity slowly backed up. It took around 20 minutes in total for it to depart...  but it did.  I've not had a manifestation like this ever again in my life...

Oh...  "they" tried to kill me on four separate occasions during 2012-13.  But the fourth time, I got what the 'game' was.  With sweat pouring off me, gasping for breath, my heart stuck in my throat, and stumbling about my dark bedroom completely disoriented, I just laughed back (even though I knew it was yet another life attempt) and said,

"Ha-haaa !!!  You can't take me, can you?  Because it's NOT MY TIME !!"

I've had no problems ever since  ^_^  <3

They leave me alone now.


So if you are required to ever Stand Down an Entity...

STAND in ALL your FULLNESS as an Eternal Being with a life-purpose here on planet earth that no-one else can accomplish, but YOU !!  KNOW THAT.  And don't let these entities get away with telling you LIES - either verbally (audio) or with mind pictures (visually) or through any other means.  The Devil IS the Father of LIES exactly as Jesus says.  So don't beLIEve a word of what they say to you.  STAND !!  And repeat the Name of "Jesus" - in your mind, mutely on your lips, whispered, or vocalised.  Just do it.  You'll save your sanity if you do.

- BronnyNZ

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