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Adrenochrome in blood leads to Schizophrenia, Heart disease, Parkinson's

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Schizophrenia: An Evolutionary Defence Against Severe Stress. 
A. Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D.

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Kesha - 2014

Adrenochrome blood drinking leads to: Schizophrenia. Hallucination. Heart disease. Alzheimers Disease.

The adrenochrome investigations into schizophrenia which I have pursued since 1952 and the recent important investigations into the relationship between heart function and (adrenalin —> adreno-chrome) points to a connection between brain and cardiac disorder. Adrenalin is a very powerful toxic natural chemical which has important positive actions and many potentially toxic effects. One of the toxic effects is upon the heart.

The literature on the toxicity of adrenalin on the heart is well documented by Dhalla, Yates, Naimark, Dhalla, Beamish and Ostadal. In their summary they write, "It is well known that massive amounts of catecholamines are released from the sympathetic nerve endings and adrenal medulla under stressful situations... However, prolonged exposure of the heart to high levels of catecholamines results in coronary spasm, arrhythmias, contractile dysfunction, cell damage and myocardial necrosis.""

Any animal that cannot eliminate adrenalin will quickly die from overdose of the adrenalin. 

There are two factors which will lead to an over accumulation of adrenalin: (1) excessive release of adrenalin and too rapid absorption into myocardium; (2) slow removal of the adrenalin from the heart muscle and other tissues. But both factors may be operating simultaneously. Adrenochrome can be transferred across the blood-brain barrier.

The adrenochrome hypothesis of schizophrenia has been reviewed many times. We suggested that an increased conversion of adrenalin to adrenochrome was one of the causes of schizophrenia, basing this conclusion on our findings that adrenochrome and adrenolutin are hallucinogens. 

Another psychiatric disease which may be related to increased production of amino-chromes is Parkinson's Disease.

The oxidized products of adrenalin metabolism are circulating in the blood. It is likely the major source is from the heart which is the largest organ in the body which can make adrenochrome and its derivatives -  Increased adrenochrome formation in the synapse would play havoc with the transmission of signals by binding with receptor cites on the neuron. It is a synaptic inhibitor, as are LSD and other hallucinogens.


I have presented some of the biochemical and clinical evidence to support the adrenochrome schizophrenia hypothesis, i.e. that schizophrenia has evolved too successfully in dealing with chronic and severe stress mediated by the release of adrenalin. The increased production of adrenochrome and similar chrome indoles, the final common chemical pathway, leads to the characteristic perceptual and thought disorder changes.

- A. Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D.

Hampstead Cover Up , The Big Picture - World Beyond Belief

Published on Jul 10, 2015

Adrenochrome, a substance taken from a live beating heart of a horrified person is highly addictive, very psychoactive and stimulating to those who chose to drink it. In satanic death cults operating in the UK this revolting chemical is in high demand. It is why the babies that are ritualistically sacrificed are terrified just before they are killed.

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