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Aug 3, 2015. ELLA and ABE: The McKenzie Friends have been EXPOSED !!

Ella and Abraham in Morocco, September 2014

Today's update:  August 14, 2015.

We're now 11 days on from the video below being published on YouTube.
It sure has put the cat among the pigeons.

Here's a few "listening tips" I want to put in front of people that I think might help the cessation (ceasing) of chaos that the "Monkey Mind" throws up when we are introduced to NEW information.

The information in this video IS very NEW for most people. Unless you have been working relatively closely with Ella and Abe, you likely won't be aware of ANY of this happening behind the scenes...

... And that's where the root of dissension starts...  by the various onlookers-participants-supporters all being privy to a different level of information or awareness.  So i'm asking people to once again re-listen to this MOST IMPORTANT VIDEO  interview, with the following "listening tips" in mind.

It's really important that you take my recommendations on board, especially if you are still confused about what the heck is going on !!  Thanks. 

Most people who are coming to read these blog posts about Ella, Abe and the children are coming here with a "victim support" intention in mind.

Most of us are achieving this simply by INFORMING ourselves which puts us into a better position to UNDERSTAND what's really going on, and once armed with the CORRECT INFORMATION, we are in a much better position to support Ella and Abe.

Additionally, by informing ourselves through word, sight, mental imagery... we are ENGAGING the fractal forms in the Energy Field (quantum field) and sending out a "Truth Message" into the Universe via our MINDS !!  Ref also: 100 Monkeys and "critical mass".

So where we are at is:  We ALIGN ourselves creating these fractal forms and images with each other through MIND, and what i'm proposing below will allow us to MOVE into doing that with 90% + EFFECTIVENESS...  ALL building towards a brilliant outcome for Ella, Abe, and all children all over the world who suffer these sorts of abuses.



become Manifest (seen) in our physical world.

Here's a statement I really want every reader of this blog article to take DEEP INTO YOU...
To PONDER...  And to RUMINATE on...

For many people, this statement 'could' be quite a challenge.  I would suggest therefore for those people, that you REALLY STRUGGLE and WRESTLE and GRAPPLE  with this concept within yourself, until you can lay your busy, busy, little MIND down for even just ONE SECOND. That's all i'm asking for... is One Second. Then you will be able to start to breathe more freely around this whole situation when you are able to do this...

As Gabriel says:  "Fear is the mind killer."

In the same way:  "Mind is the cause fracturer."

As soon as we learn to harness our busy, busy little chaotic mind that nibbles and nibbles and nibbles...  We come into UNITY !!

Here's my Primary Proposition - "The Statement"

(learned from DAIP - Deluth (USA) Abuse Intervention Project):

"The Victim is ALWAYS right." 

- You never second-guess the victim. 

This may cause alarm for some people who still want to keep playing with the puzzle pieces.
Just keep reading...

What has happened to Ella and Abe around these two children and EVERYTHING that has happened since those FRANK disclosures to them back in August and September 2014,  IS their experience... and unless you're in THEIR shoes right in this moment, none of us can know:

(a)  HOW it feels
(b)  WHAT has ACTUALLY gone down
(c)  HOW it has actually gone down
(d)  WHO those players were
(e)  WHAT the consequences of those players' actions were
(f)   WHEN these actions were carried out - and in what succession of order

Ella and Abe KNOW about every ASPECT of this case with every fiber of their being - it has been rolling out in front of them in technicolor !!

Ella and Abe KNOW about every PLAYER who has ever had anything to do with this case with every fibre of their being - playing out in front of them in technicolor !!

THIS VIDEO (below) is the REVEALATION of the build-up of ALL this information over the last 12 months. Ella and Abe have EXPERIENCED, SEEN and come to KNOW all of these details in very close proximity, and this gives them 100% CONFIDENCE to say what they do in the video.

This is where our lead MUST come from. 

Point blank. 

By 100% supporting Ella and Abe, almost 'blindfolded' as it were (I know this might feel like a game of Russian Roulette for some people... but it's not) - this helps HUGELY to STOP one's own mental jibber-jabber on the issues.

So when you are listening to this August 3, 2015 video where they 'out' and 'label' and 'name' certain people and why they have come to these conclusions, please KNOW that these assertions are based on their EXPERIENCE, their KNOWLEDGE and their INTUITION in LIVED LIFE with ABSOLUTE PROOF around those "certain people" as those events and actions unfolded for them, up to this point in time.

Ella and Abe have NOT just thrown out a bunch of silly accusations "willy-nilly" out into the wind.
These are SERIOUS allegations and have NOT been made lightly.

These allegations have ONGOING implications regarding further game-plays that are about to come to light in the world over the following weeks and months.  So I am asking you to please keep on with "keeping up" with what Ella and Abe are telling us - AT FACE VALUE.

The consequence if you don't do this is:  
When the next phase of revelations come out into the world, you will get very, very lost.

What we have experienced through Ella and Abe's eyes is just 

"PART ONE" of an EPIC GLOBAL STORY that will continue to unfold 

before our very eyes, in EVER INCREASING RAPIDITY !!  

So you NEED to keep up !!

- Or you will be forever confused with how these 
puzzle pieces all fit together.

The ONLY way for us all to get through this cacophony of information, is by TRUSTING 100%  in what Ella and Abe are saying. This is THEIR experience...  This IS what they are SEEING and IS what they are DIS-COVERING !!   - for all of humanity !!

It sounds simplistic, I know. But the fact that SO MANY people out there are having trouble doing this, shows how VERY IMPORTANT this concept is for people to NOW EMBRACE !!

The EXPERIENCES and KNOWLEDGE and INTUITIONS that Ella and Abe have had, have ALSO been echoed in MY EXPERIENCES of Sabine McNeill... and the way i've seen Belinda McKenzie behave and talk... (Tavispeak).

So I know in my heart of hearts that the fuller picture 
of what Ella and Abe are disclosing to the world right now, 
can be 100% trusted.

This IS their experience. And they ARE inside this maelstrom, so they have the best view of everything.

Not I... Not YOU !!  So, "Who am I" to second-guess the veracity of what they're saying.  So please listen with an open heart and an open mind...  This video below is a pivotal lynch-pin in what's going on in our world at the moment, with legislation that's being rolled out in regard to "age of consent" and "consent of which (??) sexual activities by whom" in countries all around the world. You ARE about to be HORRIFIED !!

The shit is about to REALLY hit the fan !!

It's time for humanity to really LISTEN UP and really PAY ATTENTION !!

What Abe and Ella have told us so far will become the FOUNDATION STONE for everything else that is about to be disclosed to the world in the months to come.

Oh yes... The research is CONTINUAL...  

We are NOT letting this tiger go !!  

We have him by the big toe, already !!

It is DETERMINED that the "hidden" Magicians
who create the illusory "realities" we see Manifest 

in every area of "LIFE" in 2015, 


We ALL Create this Cause TOGETHER !!


For people who can't see how any of this naming-of-names "could possibly be true", please Trust people who are a little closer to "the inside" like myself, who have also SEEN what Ella and Abe have seen and had EXPERIENCES that ALSO that reflect Ella and Abe's experiences with these people - reactionary, and poorly thought through.

All the busy little mind-chatter will then STOP 
creating chaos in your head.

Yes. I'm asking you to take this video at 100% FACE VALUE.

If you don't, this whole topic will do your head in, and you'll just WASTE YOUR TIME and Energies in endless debate with other people, trying to fathom what on earth is "going on".

The solution to your dilemma is VERY SIMPLE...  

What's "going on" is EXACTLY as Ella and Abe say it is, here in this video.

It's time to open up your HEART...  and LISTEN !!  Listen with 100% of your BODY.  And then you WILL know the Truth, and the Truth WILL set you FREE.  At that point, you WILL be able to FUNCTION and PARTICIPATE with us more, to help Co-create Our New Earth TOGETHER, with EVERYTHING - every Circumstance and every Endeavour in it, that we want for our Garden Paradise on Earth.

Thank you all for reading this...

Much appreciation and LOVE.

Let us know Who you are if  YOUR CAUSE, like  OURS

is to keep forwarding Right Justice in our world.  

We need ALL as who are WILLING, to help in these endeavours.  

Statistically...  It will only take 4000 people who are completely "given over" to being aligned with each other 100% to CHANGE ANY SITUATION  here on planet earth for the 7,000,000,000 people. These are statistics I read in 2012 that came out of mathematical data calculated by members from a particular Yoga school... I sadly forget which one.  It may have come from John Hagelin a physicist at Maharishi University of Management who features in the movie "What the Bleep do we know?"  (NZ version linked). Lots of "spirit-minded" quantum physics academics have come up with these similar sorts of figures. You'll see these thoughts are clearly expounded in the following article from the Institute of Heart Math with which Gregg Braden is associated.

Are YOU among the 4000 who are aligning with Ella and Abe 100% ???

Tell us if you are  : )
Please leave your contact details in comments below. They will remain unpublished.

Thank you,

Institute of Heart Math article:

Volume 1, Number 1 • March 2012 •

"The Global Coherence Initiative: 

Creating a Coherent Planetary Standing Wave"

by Rollin McCraty, PhD; Annette Deyhle, PhD; Doc Childre  (p.64)

Author Affiliations: Rollin McCraty, PhD, is director of research at the Institute of HeartMath (IHM), Boulder Creek, California. Annette Deyhle, PhD, is a geologist, marine geochemist, and a researcher at the Global Coherence Initiative (GCI) and IHM. Doc Childre is chairman of the GCI Steering Committee and founder of IHM.

"If we are persuaded that not only external fields of solar and cosmic origins but also human attention and emotion can directly affect the physical world and the mental and emotional states of others (consciousness), it broadens our view of what interconnectedness means and how it can be intentionally utilized to shape the future of the world we live in. 
It implies that our attitudes, emotions, and intentions MATTER and that coherent, cooperative intent can have positive effects. GCI hypothesizes that when enough individuals and social groups increase their coherence baseline and utilize that increased coherence to intentionally create a more coherent standing reference wave in the global field [quantum field], it will help increase global consciousness." 


After a VERY LONG preamble to this video...  here it is.
Thank you for making it to the end.

Please watch and enjoy.  And please take what Ella and Abe say at FACE VALUE.

This is their EXPERIENCE.  This is what they have SEEN.
Thank you.

Hampstead Cover Up Ella & Abe Expose Brian Gerrish Bill Maloney MI5 McKenzie RCJ Conspiracy

Published on Aug 3, 2015

Update 04 Aug 2015 Royal Courts Of Justice Appeal Dismissed


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    Hi Bronwyn, cannot get video to play but will go to notebook later this morning. I am aligned from the beginning even without hearing the video. Love and Light xx

    1. Hi Yvonne... The video seems to be playing fine for me. It's got lots of surprises! Best to listen first :)


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