Wednesday 5 August 2015

Hampstead Cover Up. Are you HELPING or HINDERING ??

Please enlarge this doc by pressing Ctrl + on your pc, laptop or device.  This doc refers to a video made on August 4, 2015 after the court case which was to decide on custody arrangements for the two Hampstead children.


  1. A very familiar formula to silence opposition to state and status quo: injunctions and penal clauses. For an apparently unemployed man with no visible means of support, seeking a job as house sitter apparently, he certainly appears to have no shortage of resources to travel the world and engage expensive legal representation.

    1. So you speak of Tricky Demon, Tim ??
      What you say is true..
      It really makes you wonder where he is drawing his funds from.
      Maybe he works as a pimp on the side...
      Well... You'd never know would you ??
      Those sorts of little income-earners are "out of sight, out of mind" in the UK, aren't they?
      ; )


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