Wednesday 12 August 2015

Destruction of the ILLUSION. The Babylonian Magicians ARE FALLING...

Here's the Post I put out on my Facebook Timeline two days ago re: the Satanic child sexual abuse (sodomy) baby sacrifice and baby eating cult operating in Hampstead, London UK.

Re:  Belinda McKenzie's August 10, 2015 video telling mother Ella Gareeva to return to England. 

And let me tell you... Even though this 'magician' tried her best to pursuade the mother (Ella) of the two Hampstead children to return to England where she would be arrested, it never happened according to Belinda's prediction.  The collective mass of people whose intentions were going out to keep all parties safe, created these causes for the children and their mother to remain safe. 

From: Ella Gareeva-Draper.  Date: 4 August 2015 10:15:15 CEST (see this link)

Belinda's video was made on August 5, 2015 UK time. Everything has changed since then.

- This was just Belinda McKenzie spouting the lies of her bosses, the Black Babylonian Magicians (MI6, MI6) in an attempt to get those very things she is spouting to come into the Collective Consciousness and take root. It's called "The Science of Imagery".

I've only added the video link above so you've got a reference to it... It's utter disinformation in regard to the custody of the children. This did not happen at all...  Here's what actually did happen:

Update March 7, 2015

The information that the "Magician's puppet" Belinda McKenzie gave in the above video about the custody Court Case was never correct... It was just a "Magicians' trick". Can you see how it works now?  This is sometimes correctly called:  "Pre-predictive programming".  It is illusory. It is a tactic of the Black Babylonian Magicians to confuse you.  They will no longer hold us in their bondage !! Never !!

These are the actual events of Thursday August 6, 2015 at the court house regarding custody of the two children.  Which means that Belinda's shitty video is over-ruled !!

This is a fuller account of what actually happened in court on 6 August, 2015  as written by Drifloud, aka Abraham Christie who is Ella Gareeva's partner of two years.

This is how the "Black Babylonian Magicians" work... 

to create chaos, confusion, to send the general populace 

into division and disarray. 

We now need to bring clarity and to show people what actually happened in regards to the custody case of the Hampstead children heard at the RCJ, London on August 6, 2015...  not this spirit of Fearmongering, cowardice and defeatism that Belinda brings here to this situation.

You'll see I use some fairly forceful and colourful language at times to halt the energy being sent out by these insidious greasy monsters (the energies of these Magicians) to stop them in their course. The release of this video on August 10, and it created a LOT of confusion!  This is what the egregor of the Black Babylonian Magicians does... it puts The People on the back foot!

Strong words cut loud and clear through the chaos...  and oh yes...  I got a lot of flack from people because of my approach.  The thing though...  I KNOW it works !!  The murmurings of the defeated, despondent masses slowly came to an end.

Thanks people for your ongoing support...

Let's do this thing together...  to entirely overthrow these Black Magicians !!


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