Friday 7 August 2015

A recent letter from Belinda to Ella re: August 4th custody hearing

To Ella Gareeva, FREE WOMAN...


(see Ella's Comments on the video)

From Belinda McKenzie:

I’m going to get my real ex-M15 friend, Annie Machon, partner of ‘M15 whistle-blower David Shayler’ to say something to everybody about how M15 recruit etc. and that I Belinda McKenzie have never worked for the service and would not qualify anyway.

They both lived with me for 3 years 2005 to 2008 and we headed up the British 9/11 Truth movement. Anne knows me very well indeed and is one of the REALLY most intelligent people I’ve met in my life which is saying something by now! 

[B: Sounds a cosy arrangement to me, even from these two self-proclaimed sentences!]

So with her help I’m going to knock all this stupid, ignorant nonsense about M15 on the head for once and all. [B: Well... she might need to help you Belinda, because I don't think you're doing yourself the greatest service atm. to be perfectly honest].  It’s been going on for years, right through the Hollie Greig case and now a supposedly intelligent person like you [B: patronising. demeaning] are having this c**p fed into your brain by people clearly just out to make mischief and muddy the waters and you’re swallowing it! [B: Where there's smoke, there's fire...]  when really you and I should be cooperating to see this business through to the proper conclusion [B: of getting Ella incarcerated Belinda??] which still is 100% possible. 

If you shut your ears just for a moment to these men trying to steer you this way and that. [B: Ella has a perfectly good mind of her own Belinda].  So i’m not answering drifloud’s latest, sorry. I’ve no idea who he is, all I know is he talks c**p like so many other either very stupid and ignorant or ill-intentioned people.

[B: Justice Pauffley's quote parroted perfectly Belinda. You really DO need Annie Machon's help, don't you ?? Since you SEEM to need a reason as to WHY people continue to engage in the hunt for the TRUTH, how about: "People won't let this go who can see and feel the incongruence of what's been going down according to 'McKenzie Friends' recommendations and behaviour" Belinda! This letter is a case in point !!]

I’m a completely public person; I’ve never hidden behind false names or avatars. I sit here in my house day after day in full view of anyone passing by in the street; anyone can knock the door and i’ll open it so if anyone wants to stick a knife or a bullet in me on my front doorstep it would be the easiest thing in the world to do! [B: I'm sure you're not worth it to anyone, otherwise it would have happened a long time ago Belinda.]

As for what will happen if you do come back, that was explained to me last week by DS Paul Speer of Barnet police Public Protection Unit who said he organised the raiding party which visited you on 12th February (he regrets the fact that he didn’t force the door straightaway!!)  

[B: Faaaarrrq Belinda! You just wrote that out loud without even stating a personal position on this ??
It sounds like you're in total agreement with DS Speer from where i'm sitting.]

He will be handling the operation of receiving you, were you to decide to come back. 

You will be picked up at the port and be taken into police custody for questioning and you will most likely be released on bail pending trial.

[B: Thanks for the information at least, but the delivery could do with a bit of work...  Farq me... ]

But by now, I don’t trust any police and they might hold you on remand at least during the court proceedings so the public can’t see you [B: Assumption. There's bound to be lots of reasons besides that - such as the enjoyment of inflicting pain and anguish on someone who's caught them up to their eyeballs in this stinking lake of semen !!], BUT we would see you at the Appeal on 4th August. They would have to bring you to that [B: Again... Assumption!!]. - Belinda


(see Ella's Comments on the video)

Why the fuck is Belinda McKenzie STILL encouraging Ella Gareeva to return to the UK ??  
Is she going to 'make' on some sort of "Finder's Fee" if she CAN get Ella to bend ??

And what's up with the Elephant in the Room...  ???

>> "And if you decide to return Ella as you may be thinking to, McKenzie Friends and other supporters here in London will assist you in whatever ways we can if any of the above should happen."

- DROPPED THE BALL on that one, Belinda !!



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  1. I was totally shocked to realise that Belinda McKenzie is fake, and then I started to look at her body language, how nervous she is all the time, how she pointed to the map when interviewing the children's grandparents. She seemed to be talking to an invisible person as if to say "Is this alright?" seeming to be on the side of Ella and the children. Now I look into it and she is completely fake, why does she turn up in these cases, why does she say "nobody wins in the family court?" with that attitude nobody will ever win...I could go on and on but enough is enough and thank goodness she has been shown for what she truly is!


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