Wednesday 12 August 2015

Controlled Opposition: Belinda McKenzie's 10 Aug video, made on 5 Aug.

- For people who are still dreadfully confused about "Was the Knight Foundation/ McKenzie Friends actually supporting and helping Ella and Abe and the children, or not?"

Here's the FACTS: "Knight Vision" YouTube channel (the Knight Foundation/ McKenzie Friends channel) KNEW on August 10, 2015 when they Published Belinda's video, that the children's father RD had NOT gotten custody of the children during the August 6, 2015 hearing... 

Belinda made her video on August 5th.
The video itself is FULL of erroneous information...  
And KNOWING the video was full erroneous information, McKenzie Friends published it anyway. They DID NOT edit any of the erroneous information out.

Or is this just "Bumbling Belinda" bumbling her way through again ??

Perhaps we should just say: There, there...  It's alright.  Anyone can make a "mistake" !!

*rolls eyes*

The absolute OPPOSITE to what Belinda said on August 5, 2015 actually happened in the court room the next day on August 6, 2015. 

The children remain in Foster care with LB Barnet for the next 6-12 months and RD only got SUPERVISED ACCESS.  ie: he can NOT be with them alone !!

And yet Belinda McKenzie STILL CHOSE to put this Scaremongering, Fearmongering information out into the world painting a picture of the sodomiser RD whisking the children away, FAR away to California, "just as she (Belinda) thought he would".

This bears NO RESEMBLANCE to what ACTUALLY happened, just the next day...  And yet "they" STILL CHOSE to Publish this video on August 10, long after Belinda had managed a speedy exit out of the UK.

So I wonder who THAT CLOWN was who uploaded that video to YouTube !! ??

It was probably some well-intended person who doesn't have two brain cells to rub together, with no ability for Critical Analysis, and who had NO IDEA what a HUGE can of worms they were about to open.

Since when does STUPIDITY get let off the hook...

Oh really sorry...  my car just ran your three-year-old over because I didn't put my handbrake on...  or...
GEE sorry...  I didn't know that RAT POISON mixed in with cat food would KILL your cat !!

You know the type...  I think that's a case of what we've got here !!

Naked stupidity !!

Belinda McKenzie basically tells everyone in this video, "There is nothing more anyone can do... so pack up your bags, go home, forget about it all, and quit the case." !!


This is the Time to dig in deep and GO FOR IT !!

  • Letters to the Attorney General
  • Continuation of the work already started on the Grand Jury which was set up by Araya back in March-April...  LONG BEFORE TM ever came on the scene !!
  • Other legitimate actions that people are doing to bring this LIVING NOW (not historic) CASE  into the MSM media's spotlight !!!


It certainly created a LOT of confusion !!

Do you get the picture yet ??
It's TIME for the People of the UK to get their blinkers off !!

(cont. below)

THESE are the sort of tactics ELLA and ABE had to deal with EVER SINCE they went to McKenzie "Friends" for help in November 2014... And THIS is NOT an ISOLATED CASE !!! 

These same sorts of tactics have been used by "McKenzie Friends" with other Mothers and Families with the SAME OUTCOMES...  Of Parents being separated from their children or having to leave the UK (just like Ella had to do) and their children being taken into State Care.

CONTROLLED OPPOSITION is a HUGE area of discussion all on its own.
It's complex and it's certainly not clearly delineated.

My general rule of thumb is this...  

And I like to keep my life VERY SIMPLE I might add...

"If it walks like a duck 

and quacks like a duck, 

it's PROBABLY a duck!"

So whether you think Sabine or Belinda were "officially" working for a Controlled Intelligence Opposition group or not, the OUTCOMES of their actions were EXACTLY THE SAME !!  

-  to botch up the case time and time and TIME again... and to drive it into the ground ("there's nothing more anyone can do" - Belinda) as if they were working for Controlled Opposition...

And basically...  

If you've got opposition working FOR YOU like that... 


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