Saturday 29 August 2015

"The Hampstead 2" - The GAME CHANGER. TELL THE WORLD !!!

Here is the Original Testimony of "The Hampstead 2."  This is a copy of the original video released on February 4, 2015. This particular copy has only had 8,587 Views to date.  This means a LOT of people in the world have NOT yet seen this video!  It is up to US... up to YOU and ME...  to get this video out into all the world !!

There are 1.3 BILLION (1,300,000,000) people who visit Facebook every month. Only a few million (say 2,000,000) people have heard the testimony of "The Hampstead 2."  Please compare the number of zeros above. You will SEE how many people we have NOT yet reached. The effort we have put in over the last 7 months needs to be repeated x 650 by YOU and ME as individuals, to MAKE SURE that EVERY MAN and WOMAN on Facebook SEES this video. This video is THAT important. This video is The Game Changer.

This video is the END of secretive Kabbal activities of EVERY KIND the whole world over - the END of Forced Adoptions, the END of Ritual Sacrifice, the END of Ritual Abuse, the END of Sex Trafficking, the END of illegal U.S. Military occupations in the Middle East and throughout the world, the END of politicians BUGGERING little boys, the END of Mossad, the END of Global nuclear threat, the END of Shadow Governments, the END of the FED, the END of Monsanto, the END of the Rockefeller Foundation's global hospital agenda, the END of the paper trade in Gold and Silver on the Commodities Market - they are trading PAPER !!! , the END of the corrupt NYSE, the END of Washington D.C., the END of the City of LONDON, the END of the VATICAN, the END of the JESUITS, the END of the BLACK POPE, the END of the Old European monarchies, the END of the Global Strangle-Hold of ALL PEOPLE held as SLAVES - STOCK - GOYIM under the Khazarian agenda !!!


And then The People of Earth WILL re-Create the World we ALL want...  where ALL People WILL live in Peace and Safety.  We ARE re-Creating the World anew. The Day is HERE !!

Are YOU going to Share this Video to ALL outlets you have available to you, or are you just going to SIT ON THIS INFORMATION once again, as you did in February-March, and keep this information all to yourself ??  - "God bless us four and no more" mentality!

YOU need to Make this CONSCIOUS CHOICE:
Are you going to TELL your networks...

The choice is 100% YOURS whether you are going to END the Slavery and make yourself FREE !!
You DO this by TELLING PEOPLE !!

Share this video link on all your Facebook Groups (shares to your Timeline ONLY are hardly seen by anybody), Facebook Pages as Posts AND Comments, Twitter accounts, Google+ accounts, as Posts in your blog and Comments in other people's  blogs, as Comments on YouTube videos, as e-mails to people in your address lists, on Ning networks, on other Forums you belong to...  Everywhere you can.... Everywhere you can think of...


Are you prepared to put in 650 x more effort YOURSELF, to get this video out into EVERY CORNER of Facebook... and in EVERY language ?? Note:  We need YOUR Translation skills here >>

Join with us !!  The REVOLUTION is NOW !!

Bron xx
August 2015

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