Wednesday 5 August 2015

Are certain UK activists trying to HIJACK the Hampstead Cover-up? Why?

This morning at 1am UK time, a local London activist said this.  I was so SHOCKED at its content and sentiment that I had to reproduce this here.  You'd be damn surprised who said this too !!  SHOCKING !!

For clarification, everything in red below is the same speaker.

5 hours ago.
Hey guys I have just been blocked off the Hampstead children's page... We now know who the trolls really are hahahaha cracker stupid stupid stupid lmfaooo

We don't care what Ella wants. Ella's isn't getting what Ella wants and we don't want anything to do with Ella or the boss Abe by all means. That's such a relief we don't have the burden of her on our shoulders now... So tell Ella that we don't give a shit anymore about her and that's the view of many

We are done with Ella and co. That's a fact.

She is on her own and by god she will soon realise that..

We will continue to fight to the bitter end for these kids to be kept safe and we won't hide behind trolls and radio stations...

Thank God Sabine is back...
One day soon this will all come spilling out...

I know I've done my dam best for these kids physically along with KW, JB and B along with Belinda Sabine J, HM, FI whilst everyone sat behind a fking key board and radio stations.

Anyone who knows me well not like yourself [me personally] will make it very clear I take no shit or prisoners when it comes to outing the truth...

MM, AC, PDD, SD could you please give a brief comment on my work over there in NI please as a few seem to think I have shown my true colours when in fact U only get facts from me as you's could confirm if you don't mind xx

Oh yes...  I replied, gently but firmly on a number of counts and reminded her of how Sabine sold out my private email address to FBI informant Christine Ann Sands without so much as receiving one piece of silver. How stupid can you get, really?

There's no helping the under-informed...  that's for sure.

FBI AGENT "Christine Ann Sands" tries to take over Hampstead initiatives

Isn't it "GRAND" how history loves repeating itself.

People in London:  PAY ATTENTION !!!

It's not the first time this campaign has started to go down this slippery slope.
I'm just horrified these words are coming out of the mouth of a UK resident !!  :-/

What's the motivation ???


I blog in support of Ella Gareeva.  It's as simple as that.

If anyone else is trying to grab the attention, the limelight, the notoriety, is trying to points-score, they find NO FAVOUR with me...  and i'm sure that most people reading this post WOULD feel the same way.

Ella IS the Mother ...  regardless of whether people thinks she's taking "correct actions" or not.

It's NOT up to other people to make the decision as to what Ella and Abe "should" be doing right now.
It's not other people's call to make those decisions AT ALL !!!  Other people are NOT on the inside of this spider's web, as Ella and Abraham are right now.

So take a BIG STEP BACK you 
HORRIBLE disinformation agent.  


Oh yes...  You've come right out into the open...  

And omg !!  

I AM SHOCKED at these words that have 
just fallen out of your mouth today !!

Go and SPEW your poison somewhere else.

You are not welcome to have anything to do with the Hampstead children - as stated in private emails from Ella and Abe this morning. They want NOTHING to do you, nor the Energy you bring !!

Bad vibe...

Bad vibe...

Forever in support of Ella Gareeva and her Children

- Bronny NZ


  1. Replies
    1. You're welcome Jake. Your presence is missed on the Hampstead Leylines group. I saw your "rude" ejection only 15 minutes after it happened. I hope you're ok. Please hand on to me any info you're finding to help us to keep joining these dots Jake :) Thanks <3

  2. Forever in support of Ella and her children . What about me Bronny ? abe x
    what happened with Jake? He seems kind .

    1. Hehehe... You KNOW you have my support Abe... But my own umbilicus is well connected to Mother... so it's more natural for me to acknowledge The Mother primal creative birthing energy first !! Thank you for supporting Ella... to the uttermost of your being. WE SURE SEE YOU TOO Abe, dearest xx Cheeky bugger !! :D

    2. Jake's just been wrangling with Fb. He was booted off for the unpteenth time around a week ago. But I think he's got them well and truly in a "Tongan death grip" this time. They're sure not saying much to him these days. So all is well !!

      Yes... Jake's a charming shiny friend (light worker), a reader of my blogs (bless... always gets the Brownie points, right?), and a good supporter of yours Abe. The 'blokes' need to hang together, right ?? ; )

  3. Replies
    1. Love to you both... from readers of this blog far and wide Ella and Abe. We are with you every step of the way. Just tell us what you need, and I know this family of tens-of-thousands will be right there to support you. Love always xx


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